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PH, I was hopeful that Kersten would give us something up forward,but seeing the way he is playing now, it is easy to see why Geelong didn't fight to keep him.He is playing the same footy here as he was at Geelong.A long stint at Peel would do him some good.
Not sure where McCarthy sits, but gee he has been disappointing.He has not attacked the ball, or played like a lead up forward so far.He is a far better player than what he is showing us right now.
I can see it coming soon, where a few of the other players will be giving the pair a spray or two.Both have been disappointing to say the least.
Darcy was certainly not overawed by the occasion.He was willing to throw his weight around and get physical. Not bad for a kid in his first game and only 19.Going to be interesting to hear what they Fox "EXPERTS" have to say about his performance.Also what they thought of how well the boys played/I suppose it will all be about Geelong and being three down. Ahh but, we have to expect that.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Ahh....A tale of two different stories. Story 1 goes like this, What a turnaround in effort from the purple, young, raw, under big scrutiny, (especially from myself) away from home and playing against a title contender. These young men put in and had a big go, it's hard not to be impressed. Story two goes like this. Fremantle dominated this game for nine tenths of it, yet went home with a zero. We can find all the excuses in the world because they are young, inexperienced, playing in Geelong, etc etc, the fact is this, We had that game won and we gave it away. Our young fellas dominated a premiership force in their backyard and undid all the hard work and got pantsed. If you can dominate a game for that long and not win, then it tells me this. A- Where was this effort in the last 4 weeks B- You can't live on nearly's. Nearly's would mean Richmond are leading the comp. The reality is their not. Next weeks game at home may tell us a lot about Sunday's result. Did we fire up for a week to douse a few flames, or are we going to apply for the full 4 quarters? Whatever statement the players think they made, they might want to build on to save the season, not just for themselves, but for all of us members too. It's an improvement sure, but it's still not good enough.
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Purple Heart
Anchor Duffield was on radio today and talked about some teams' having a "Golden Triangle" with respect to their forward line.

When it comes to Freo, he said our forward line is the "Bermuda Triangle" where the ball will disappear each time it goes in there.

It's pretty hard to argue with that comment. Some serious decisions need to be made, and soon.

One of the comments that Sean Darcy made after the game was that he found the pace of AFL much faster than WAFL. I guess we have to expect that our kids will take a while to adjust to it so they can deliver for the full four quarters.
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Ahhh......Angry Frosty has returned!  Why am I not surprised?  From your post, Frosty the Showman, it seems there would be no way to smooth your feathers at the moment.

I think you need to give some of the young players a break. How could a hulk like Sean Darcy, playing his first great game in the ruck and expect him to last 4 quarters, when he barely got any rest!  There were 5 players with 5 games between them and they would have been run off their legs.  In total we had 10 players with with 50 games between them and you expect them to be leaders and not run out of steam in the last leg!  You wouldn't treat racehorses like that because they could be off to the knackery if you ran them that hard.  So, as I said, give them a break Frosty please, my old mate!  Just like I did.  It takes too much energy to be angry!

I take great hope from that game and we are building a good group of players that gives the selectors some depth for future team selections. We can't flick a switch and expect a miracle, after all!

Cheers Frosty, from Viv  [smile]
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We all see the clubs development and seasons in different ways.  If Frosty sees it in his own way and is expressing that. 

For me when they were in a premiership window I was much harder on the players because far more was at stake. A costly mistake at that level, or poor execution was unforgivable.  

Now we have lots of young guys trying to find their feet and mistakes will happen, structures will fall away at times but effort should never be compromised in a developing team.  I dont care if it is a pre-season scratch match or season proper. The young players need to know they need to bring a level of consistency and effort to their games and the seniors need to lead the way.  If they are doing that then I am ok at the moment with a win or loss. 

That is just the way I see it which probably goes against the grain of others opinion.

I also want another good trade/draft period so if effort and fundamentals aren't compromised and we fall down the ladder, so be it. The club needs to cover senior players retiring at some point and they don't have the depth to cover that. If they dont get it right this draft/trade period it could have an impact for some time. 

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Goby I value your post. More sense than dollars in what you say. I just get the tom tits when we have an opportunity to win a game and throw it away. It don't matter weather they are kids or not, nobody goes into a game wanting to lose, and we created the chances to win and didn't execute. To me....that will never be good enough, regardless of who is representing us on the field, but by no means, please don't think I don't appreciate the turnaround in effort. I will pay homage to that. The boys put in for nine tenths as I said before, it just isses me off to know we dominated a big gun and still came away with nothing. It's bad enough when we lose, It's worse when we put a ribbon around it.
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Docker Fay
When it is the trade period, what we MUST get first and formost is a tall FF.   Pay for one who has proven that he has the skills.
That above all else is costing us games  i am sure.
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