WOW, I am almost blown away by the generosity of the FFC to their members.
A member for 24 years, upgraded to get a better seat and what do I get.A $2:50 biro, my member ship badge, a couple of cat stickers and a map of the ground that you need a magnifying glass to see.A glossy envelope that would cost more than all the other things put together.but all the glossy wrapping does in go in the recycling.
I would have expected a bit more from the club with us going into our new home training venue, and the fact that this is the first year of the new stadium.
A whinge!!!!! I guess so, just thought we would have had a something a bit special this year.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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I don't agree. I'm not sure that trinkets make most people feel any more or any less a valued member. 

I was happy to see the club had spent less on Chinese junk this year. 

I would also like to have an option to select the club magazines, be sent electronically. Printing that publication and mailing it would cost the club a fortune. I'm not one who wants to keep everything the club sends to me, so Id rather get it in a PDF via email before everyone gets theirs snail mailed to them. 

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Uncle Wally
I have my season membership card which gets me into all of the home games.  I'm happy enough with that, after all that's what I'm paying my money for.  Anything else is a bonus.
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Docker Fay
I know what will be a bonus this year uncle, that we really turn it on this year in our new stadium.
I am hoping for at least 12 wins, or more.
You know something, I call it OUR stadium because our purple stands out more than any other colour.
The team up the road have to pay more for the same seats than us, for once they are taking a back seat, pardon the pun.  
I think why the   difference in price between the two clubs boils down to having so many fans wanting to be members that if you don't like the hike then there are plenty of others that will take your place.
If it were any other club other than the eagles, i would feel sorry for them.
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