Purple Heart
I see the media are reporting that Gaff has returned to the Eagles and is “in good spirits”. Just to reinforce the issue they had the cameras at the Club in readiness for the weasel’s return.

Why wouldn’t he be in good spirits?

He’s not the kid who copped a full fist in the face which broke his jaw and rearranged his teeth. To say nothing of how traumatised he must be from the whole ordeal.

No, Gaff is the coward who did that to our youngster, and incredibly he is now receiving more sympathy and concern about his welfare than Andy.

It only took TWO days for the tide to turn from concern and anger about Andy’s plight, to concern and protection of that little Weasel Gaff.

I just can’t get my head around this crap.
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Agree PH.

Have you heard how Brayshaw is doing BTW?  Maybe there is an update on his progress that I missed along the line when I couldn't keep up.
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Gaff will be dealt with next year, regardless of who that cheapshot thug is playing for.
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