Watching the three footy shows last night.360, Couch and Talking Footy,I was amazed that Freo copped so much positive attention.
Was great to hear them say on 360 that the Yellas may not be the best team in WA right now.
Great comments about how good Darcy was.Huge bouquets for Son Son. Wraps for Fyfe.Hogan back to his best.Praise for Lyon.
Robbo always uses phrases from the Ross Lyon comments books.Though I am not sure that Gerard enjoys it all that much.
It was blowing my mind hearing it.But made me feel good.
All we need dow is for the local media to begin to run some praise our way, and things could look rosy.But maybe the latter is asking a little too much.[biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Yes Anchor I too was perplexed by the positive comments on both shows, loved it that we finally got some positive exposure and recognition. 

Don't hold your breath re the local WA media giving Freo the credit they deserve, they are too entrenched in kissing yellow butt.  
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Uncle Wally
Let the local press talk the Eagles up - it might make them over confident.  If we win the next derby, it will make it all the sweeter.
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Hopefully the supporters and players who watch those shows don't drink the cool aid. We need to have clear heads (although I am also enjoying the praise immensely). And yes, Anchors, Whateley will be squirming in his chair right now, I think.

We are on the run home to the end of the season now. Time to take stock and see who needs to be rested from the young guns so their bodies stand up to a finals performance or two?! Maybe. But Lyon will take care of all that.

10 games to go, 5 home games and 8 games against teams that are all sitting outside the 8 currently.  Unfortunately Hawthorn in arctic park (as Anchors calls it) in Tassie will be a nasty surprise for our young players......

Did everyone know that our club, Freo, has turned over more players than any other club in the AFL, since 2016?  We have 12 players left that were at the club in 2016, the least of anyone.  I learned that thanks to "On The Couch" who's analysis I like best of all the footy shows.  But everyone will have their own favorites.

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