Purple Heart
At the moment our team could more aptly be described as the “walking wounded”. Six days to go till the Derby, and there’s a long list of players in doubt, with Fyfe amongst them.  So much experience sitting on the sideline would be heart breaking.  

Can Darcy get up in time?  It wasn’t a severe concussion but he apparently still has neck pain, so that may be enough to keep him out.  We know our exciting youngsters Sturt and Young will be out for a few weeks with sprained ankles.  Does their absence make room for another debut - possibly Valente?

One thing is certain and that is that the selection committee will have their time cut out this week.  I hope they can work miracles and get it right as we can’t take another flogging like the last one from that mob. 

The memory still hasn’t faded!!

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tip tops
The injury front is becoming a problem PH.
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adam kiwi
I hope Darcy keeps on top of the neck pain and does not play if he has any. The bit that pissed me off about that bump was Darcy was one of the best on the ground up till that point.  

I'd like to see Valente play. 

Not to worried if the smegels beat us. Our young ones are starting to step up - it's great to watch.  And whilst I'd like to see the boyz wipe the smug Sméagol smile off the other mobs faces. I'm happy to wait till we reach ascendancy and wipe it off for a few years ðŸ˜ˆ
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Uncle Wally
I have a feeling Purple Heart that Fyfe's announcement last night regarding his hamstring might be a bit of bluff.  Announcements such as this are common in the lead up to a derby.  However, I might also be reading too much into it.  All we can do is wait and see how it all unfolds.
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Purple Heart
An interesting stat that some people may not be aware of is that the last four times that the Dockers debuted a youngster in a Western Derby, we won every one of the games.

Fredericks is the 2020 youngster being debuted so there’s definitely room to feel hopeful!

Read this morning that JLo is feeling quietly confident about a win.  We have a lot of exciting, talented, young players, and in spite of the fact that we have many of our experienced players sitting on the sidelines, I don’t see the Eagles as being any more dangerous than the Saints last week.  If we can get some quick goals on the board early in the first quarter, I think the kids will have an enormous boost in confidence.  

Forever Freo.
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