Fat Nyfe
It's this time of year, so close to round 1 but so far. Freo pages on FB are dormant and also forums like this. Being both excited but nervous about seeing how much impact the new recruits and list changes will make also. AFLW sort of helps but seeing the improvement of the women's team under a new coach makes me more curious on how the men's team will do with our new forward line and the return of Bell. It's like how the last hour of a work shift is always the slowest
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Docker Fay
Well said!!!!!    It is boredom in a nutshell .
Even though we have so much to look forward to and for some reason it is taking forever.
The women are doing really well so that helps on the weekend but when you think about it all we are doing is wishing our lives away.
I think in our hearts we just know it will be an exciting year and perhaps because of that it is making the wait that much longer.

                                         Let The Games Begin.
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I think Freo have re-stumped, rewired, the plumber has shown up, lets see how long it takes to fix the leaks. 


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I haven't been this excited for the footy to start since 2013, am actually thinking I will see a vast improvement, and some thriller games again!  
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Purple Heart
And with the intraclub scratch match coming up this week, I think we can expect the excitement barometer to rise again.

Very pleased to see that Jesse Hogan will run out. We have a lot to look forward to this season.

We’re in the home stretch and it won’t be long now.
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