Purple Heart
Great news today that Tendai is coming home to Freo to head up our new Players' Academy and to be a game day runner.

Tendai has now officially retired from the AFL as a player and with his new Bachelor of Sports Science degree in tow, he is returning back to the fold after the Dockers offered him the position. His role is to identify and develop young indigenous talent.

I'm as thrilled about this appointment as Tendai appears to be. Reports are that he is really looking forward to coming back to the Dockers.

What a terrific guy to have back at our Club. He has never hidden the fact that he bleeds purple and always will.

Welcome Back Tendai.
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Good new Purple Heart!  Good to have Tendai back in the fold, looking after indigenous talent.
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At first I thought what a strange appointment for development, then I actually thought more about it came to the conclusion that it is a brilliant move. Mzungu seems to be a really engaging, positive person and that will be his greatest asset in developing these young blokes. 
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