It seems that the Tasmanian state government have set up a working body with the object being to have a Tassie based AFL by 2025.Along with that, they are also talking about building a new stadium to meet AFL standards.
I am not sure that even five yearsa on, that it will be viable to the AFL.
The league is not even recovered from the last two "new"clubs,GWS and GCS.
Clubs are still reeling from being dropped down the food chain of recruits.
If by chance, Tassie do get a team then,how does the league handle the bye situation that will occur every week.
I guess the simple answer to that is, introduce a 20th team into the competition.Yet another head ache.
There is no doubt that the AFL clubs will be screaming blue murder about that.
I remember when  the Fat Greek was CEO his aim was to have 20 AFL teams, divided into two conferences of 10.That is looking more and more likely, even though it may be ten years down the track.
I just hope that Dill and Shocking have their thought bubbles working at the time for it to happen.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Uncle Wally
I reckon Tasmania should have been given preference over the Gold Coast.  I've heard it being pointed out that Tasmania is an Aussie Rules state and hence the local fans would embrace the club and "get" the game and the football culture, unlike the philistines residing on the Gold Coast.  LIkewise, GWS should have been Canberra, another traditional Aussie Rules place, but the NRL got in first with the Raiders probably causing football fans to code hop.

The suggestion of dividing the AFL into two conferences is an interesting idea and would probably make the fixture draw  much more equitable than the current arrangement.  I'd be more in favour of two divisions with promotion and relegation taking place at the end of each season.  Of course that would mean seeing seasons go by without Western Derbies if our local teams are in separate divisions, but it would certainly be a much fairer draw than what we currently get.
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