Key forward Matt Taberner wants to remain at Fremantle next year, declaring he still has a lot to offer and is capable of becoming a better AFL player.


What do people think about keeping Tabs? 

He is in his fifth year. I tend to lean towards keeping him for another couple of years at the right price and seeing if his game improves and he can have an impact. 

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Purple Heart
I agree Goby. If he continues to perform at the level he has been over the last few weeks I think he could still have a future with us.

I would like to see him given another game with the Dockers this season. I really can't see what we have to lose at this stage of the game.

In addition to finding a KPP for the forward line, I still believe we are in desperate need of a decent forward line COACH. In the right hands Tabs (along with Cam and Kersten) might just start to deliver.
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