I've seen other teams in a rebuild do a lot worse over a longer period of time, to get to the level where Freo is at the moment or not at all so far.

I have read someone here saying they practise bombing it long at training. I don't believe that is part of the game plan without a tall forward to mark it. I just think that is what happens when players are under pressure, perceived or not. Lyon doesn't coach kick it to a one on two marking contest or a pack and not kick it to the player out in space by himself. That is just bad decision making.

You could work your way through the whole team structure and point out the gaping holes and you could pick your way through Lyons game plan as well but at the end of the day you really just have a whole bunch of young players and others nearing the end. This is what it looks like...

We found ourselves a great upcoming ruck in Darcy. Great presence against some very experienced rucks. Doesn't let himself show defeat when he is beaten and has been going head to head with these blokes. Given they say rucks take years to develop Freo is ahead of the game in that regard. Freo need a mobile ruck forward and look to moving on Clarke and Griffin. Which is what I expected Strnadica's role would be but the jury is out on that at the moment. 

Hamling is going to be a pretty decent player and if Alex Pearce comes back and into form there's some structure to build around. Logue took a few steps forward on the weekend. He certainly has the athletic ability and now needs 20-30 games into him to get a glimpse of what kind of player he can be. Ryan shows moments so hopefully he can build on that. 

Brad Hill was a great pickup but he has some limitations, one is crying on the field and hugging Hawthorn coaches and players and two he is often trying to do too much and doesn't have much left for good execution. Both Hills have their roles and moments of brilliance but they shouldn't be expected to be game winners.

Connor is really shaping up quite well and really is building from last year. Interesting he is playing down back. Given the ball is down there quite a bit he is getting in some much needed kicking practice. 

If Weller could get the clangers out of his game that would be a good step forward. He makes some horrible costly mistakes. With all the hype around what a great kick he is, I'm not sure I am seeing the benefit of it yet. 

Crozier, Sutcliffe, Sheridan I am lumping into the same category because they have roughly played the same amount of games and they are not having the impact I would expect at this stage. Crozier has his moments and impact generally in the first quarter then fades after that. 

Tucker, Hughes, Langdon, Grey and Deluca  all need to step it up a bit and get some consistency into their games. 

Balic I think is gone. 

I am making no comment on Kersten or Cam. I am prepared to get them through the season, into a good pre-season then see how they go. 

Look to the draft/trade and see what Fremantle can pull out of the hat again this year. 

Not all doom and gloom but we need some good pick ups.

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Pretty well said Goby. With the number of young kids and lack of games we have to expect some sort of drift backwards.
I don't see Griffen or Clarke being there next season, but we do need to get another mobile player who can play as a ruck and up forward.I agree. Strnadica is a work in progress, just like Darcy is supposed to be.But Darcy has stepped into some pretty bog shoes and has done extremely well.With Sandi coming back next season, hopefully, Darcy wont have to work so hard and will be given a chance to improve his skills.
With most of them, it is time and games, and game time that will improve them
Another preseason under their belt, building of bigger bodies , and look out.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Goby, you allow some leeway for the younger players but leave out Kersten and McCarthy.  Kersten has played 16 games for us and McCarthy 15.  So the coach must want them to play and build chemistry - isn't that what happens when we are in transition?  Both players are not yet experienced - McCarthy with a year out of AFL and a total of 36 games,  can hardly be more than a developing player.  Same for Kersten with a total of 53 games, with Tom Hawkins holding him back at Geelong.

But for all the descriptions of players and where we are at,   there is absolutely no description of our game plan.  It's easy for us all to comment on what isn't going well but no one seems to understand what the game plan is or what strategies or tactics are being adopted.

BTW: Brad Hill was only ever an outside runner - a true winger - and it's Freo who are expecting too much from him. He is a 3 time Premiership player, not to be sneezed at!! And Stephen Hill was touch and go whether he would come up from an injury received during the Derby, so maybe he shouldn't have played.  Stephen Hill is one of our respected senior players and when fully fit, he is flexible - fitting into the midfield or on a HBF. Always called on by Ross Lyon to go the extra mile and is usually a beautiful long kick. 

I'd love our coaching panel to take more responsibility and talk to the supporters and explain the game plan for the various playing groups.  It should not always be up to Ross Lyon to front up.  After all Fyfe is not the only player to front up each week, they try to rotate the player communications.  Same should happen with the coaches, for mine.

What is the game plan?  A mystery really.........
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Vivian in regards to Cam and Kersten, I think you are flogging the same horse I am? 

As far as the game plan is concerned I think Pav summed it up adequately when he said the issue (and paraphrasing) isn't just the players, or the skill level, the game plan or the coaching, it is partly all those elements. You cannot pull out just one element and focus on it as the sole issue.  

Anyone looking at the game plan now and making associations with 2012-2015 is misguided.  People grasp at the game plan or perceived lack of as if this is where the problem is and it isn't. It appears to me it is a standard simplified game plan with all the elements of other teams but just not always executed well and often looks like a bit of a mess, we lack combined run from multiple players and don't have the personal to start widening the play because you can't rely on them to win one on one contests, so there isn't the opportunity to create complex game plans off the back of that. Hawthorn went back to setting up three players in the centre defensively because they knew it would be successful against a young team and Clarkson is hailed as a genius again. We lack a structured forward line, and there's no unified backline. But yet people want a game plan they can identify with in a team that isn't ready for anything more than a development style of play. 

The Dogs relied on a unique game plan and set of skills and they are now sitting on 10th on the ladder. The grand final winners. I watched their games closely last year and I can't tell you how many mistakes those guys made. They won their games based on effort and a game plan that appeared to me that Port tried to implement some time ago. I would say they got pretty lucky. Time will tell. 

I do have a problem with skills but where the blame is I couldn't say. People have blamed the "effort based" philosophy of Ross Lyon being the focus and not skills but I'm not sure if that is the problem. They have skill training and surely the players need to take a portion of the responsibilities for their skills. You could blame the scouts and recruiters for not identifying the right players needed over many years. They have a development department so they need to take responsibility also. 

I'd like to set a challenge to people to pick out any Fremantle game (RD 4 on) this year and watch it, list all the moments in the game where the game plan was directly to blame for a passage of play falling over. Then list all the times players made poor decisions that resulted in a turn over, or a passage of play fell over because one of the players executed poorly, or someone dropped an easy mark, or missed an easy shot on goal. Then come back to me and tell me which RD it was that the game plan was responsible for the loss. 

Freo need to go back to the trade and pick up some players in the right age bracket, with decent skills and scope for development and/or draft a AFL ready player(s) with good skills. 

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What can Fremantle do to improve their scoring?


I agree with most of that but the part I don't agree with is Bradley Hill.  Hill has always had clanger moments. 

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Goby,  I ask again  WHAT is the game plan??

Pavlich summarised what the issues were with Freo's lack of success.Then you write 5 long paragraphs about everything EXCEPT explaining what our game plan is at the moment.  I am not buyng into your red herrings and I'm not buying that "Hawthorn was the experienced side who tackled a young Fremantle."  Been there before and Hawthorn have as little success as us this year, with as many losses and with 9 on the injury list, and have youngsters in their side too. Even an Irishman in his 1st game.

So I ask again, what is the current game plan please???  I don't think it is the only issue we have but I just can't see a game plan, at all.  If you can't see one either, that's OK,  but at least say so then, that is all I ask.
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Well I am not pretending to be a footy analyst Vivian or know what the coaches are trying to achieve but I can see elements of play that work or don't work.  If you want me to state their "trade mark" game plan then obviously I can't because they are not implementing a whole game plan successfully to know. 

But at least I wrote 5 paragraphs of more than the same old, same old. 

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