Definitely signing on Sandilands for another year is a good idea. He won't play all season but he will contribute and he will mentor Darcy. 

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Purple Heart
A bit of trivia regarding Sandi - 80% of the games that we have won have had Sandi playing in the ruck.

He is a good mentor and Sean Darcy is thrilled that Sandi will be there for him to guide him.

I have no problems with him going around again, even if we only get six games out of him next year. He adds value in more ways than just as a player.
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We Bleed Purple
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I'm happy for Sandi and the club, so long as Mr Darcy plays beside Sandi in the team. Ross Lyon would need to field a team with two ruckmen. IMO, that is the only way Mr Darcy will get the full guidance, coaching and training he needs in a 12 month period.
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