Purple Heart
I have recently developed a new respect for Jack Riewoldt because of his response to Mike Sheahan's insulting question of whether "Jack would be embarrassed to put on a purple jumper".

As most of you probably know, Jack responded that "the question was offensive and disrespectful to Fremantle". He then went on to point out that Fremantle have a lot of youngsters in their side who are still developing.

It was at this moment that I made the decision to support Richmond in the Finals series. I not only hope that they win on Saturday, but that they can pull off a Premiership. It's been a while since their last one.

The Richmond fans are loud, passionate and loyal. Sound familiar?

Go the Tigers!!
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Uncle Wally
I find the Richmond fans to be a little feral, but they are indeed loud and passionate.  That's what gives soul to a football club.
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