Purple Heart
Who would’ve thought that the Dockers would be one of the teams to play in a game where the first half was the most accurate in AFL History? Could that have happened a year ago?  I don’t think so!  Along with GC our goal kicking accuracy was spot on, and the good news for us was that it came from six different players.   

Although we lost the game, there were certainly some positives to take from it.  For a start, watching one of our youngsters (Haydn Young) really step up in only his third AFL game was a buzz.  There’s no doubt in my mind that he has the makings of a Club champion.  The total number of intercept marks, his delivery and decision making were almost flawless for a big part of the game. To think that he is just a kid at the very beginning of his career in one of the most bizarre seasons ever in the AFL, makes his game all the more impressive.  We will never regret picking up this kid.  

Cerra was looking like he had BOG nailed in the first half.   He’s another one who has taken that next step and is playing a more attacking game and becoming more consistent.  Kudos also to Griffin Logue who is doing a good job down back.  There’s no getting past the fact that we are missing Hamling and Pearce, but Logue is covering their absence very well.  Darcy Tucker was involved in a lot of play and his twenty disposals were the highest for the team.  He too, is playing a more attacking game this year, and it’s paying off.  

Hogan continued to improve as the game went on and inserted himself more in the game.  He made several clear leads in the forward line, but unfortunately several of them were ignored in favour of doing our usual long high bombs to a pack.  Geez we need to get past that rubbish!  I’m looking forward to the time when we can leave Son Son down there and not need him in the midfield at all. As a small forward, he’s in a league of his own.   

With a bit of luck Darcy will be back next week and Lobb won’t have to carry the ruck.  We’re getting monstered in the clearances, and that’s not likely to change until we get Sean back in there.  There must be a reason why Meeks isn’t getting a game.  Is he injured or just not ready?  Serong settled in ok in his debut game and his twelve disposals were nearly all hard earned.  He will be better for the run.  

Our injury list has continued to swell.  Now we have Fyfe sidelined for at least a few weeks.  Given the standard of medicos and conditioning staff at our club, who knows how long he will need to recover from mild hamstring soreness.  After the debacle with Sturt’s ankle, you just cringe when another one of our players gets injured, and the medicos become involved.  I have zero confidence in them.  

Next up we have Adelaide and JLo will more than likely swing the axe on several passengers from last night.  I can think of at least three who shouldn’t play next week.  it’s time for Blakey to have a run and maybe another of our youngsters - Valente perhaps? 

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Docker Fay
I agree with all of your comments PH not a win but you can tell a win is not too far away.
Each week sees some improvement  , so while that is happening I guess we can't really complain.
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tip tops
Amazingly Sturt might be in line for selection this week but with only Fyfe as a defo out it will be very interesting to see what this week’s squad looks like.
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