Did anyone else see the Suns vs Carlton game tonight?

Michael Barlow broke his leg in the last quarter and was taken off on a stretcher. I am waiting to here how he is because Ch7 are yet to get to it in the round up of the game
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The club has just announced that Mick broke the same leg as before, but much lower down - nearer the ankle. They don't know yet whether it is one bone or both. He will be operated on tomorrow.

My thoughts are with Mick Barlow. Very unfortunate for this to happen twice. He loves being at the Gold Coast and was playing very well, and the Suns had just taken the lead when the accident happened.  Hang tough Mick! 
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Hopefully it is not the end for Mickey.
It is sad news to hear.I was away from the Fox coverage and only saw him coming off the ground on the golf cart.
He had a good look around as he was coming across the boundary line, maybe to take it all in for the last time.A sad ending if this is so.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
It's very sad news about Mickey breaking his leg. He doesn't deserve this and the worst part is it could signify the end of his career and we may never see him in the AFL again.

I have always admired Mickey and loved every moment he played in Purple. I was gutted when we cut him (even though I understood the reasoning behind it). He was always a loyal player who gave 100% every time he ran out for us, and by all accounts, he has been doing the same at Gold Coast.

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Docker Fay
It must be heartbreaking for him, and the same leg.
Life can be cruel at times ,it is a shame that this has happened to a great player and a great guy.
Hope his recovery is smooth sailing and we get to see him out on the ground again,  no matter what colour he is wearing .   Good luck Mick and just know there is a lot of love coming to you from the docker faithful.[bawl]
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Totally agree with your sentiments Docker Fay.

The Suns club has advised that Mick's break wasn't as severe as his previous injury and that surgery was successful.  Like other Docker supporters, my thoughts are with Mick for a positive rehabilitation
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