Purple people eater
Bennell has praised RL for encouraging his return this season from 720 day absence
He contemplated giving up this year to focus on 2018.
But I sat down with Ross and went through a few things and I'm happy I didn't put the boots away this season.
I've had Ross in my corner from day dot which has been the best for me.
He backs me in and believes in me so I couldn't thank him enough.
RL said that Bennell has overcome some significant challenges in rehab and it talks volumes in his character of hard work and resilience.
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Purple Heart
PPE it was obvious from the clip that Ross's belief in him means the world to Harley. Sometimes that's all it takes in life, having someone you respect showing belief in you and showing respect to you. Ross has done that in spades with Harley and we are seeing the results of that.

Harley was just a kid when he went to the Gold Coast. He is now a man, and we are seeing his maturity. He is benefitting from an enriched environment surrounded by his coach, teammates, family and fans.
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