Doesn't look like the boss is around, so I thought I would post the team. 

Full squad
1. Hayden Ballantyne
3. Zac Dawson
4. Sean Darcy
5. Garrick Ibbotson
6. Danyle Pearce
7. Nat Fyfe
8. Nick Suban
9. Bradley Hill
10. Michael Walters
12. Jon Griffin
14. Lachie Weller
15. Ethan Hughes
16. David Mundy
17. Hayden Crozier
18. Darcy Tucker
19. Connor Blakely
21. Joel Hamling
22. Shane Kersten
23. Cam McCarthy
26. Ed Langdon
27. Lachie Neale
31. Aaron Sandilands
32. Stephen Hill
33. Cam Sutcliffe
34. Lee Spurr
35. Michael Apeness
36. Brennan Cox
37. Michael Johnson
40. Sam Collins 
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Dropping Sheridan and Tabs unfortunately was the right decision. You can't allow performances like that ride but with the inclusion of Sandi and Neale someone had to move over and those two put in poor performances last week, followed very closely (and debatable) by Suban.  I'm happy to see Cox has got another bite at the cherry, I'm looking forward to what he can produce. 

Logue is I guess the most obvious exclusion but last week would not have been a great game to bring him in. I think possibly supporters rate some players unrealistically and the conversations surrounding Logue is kind of unfounded considering he hasn't played a game of AFL. He shows heaps of promise but at the moment, that is where it sits for me. Hopefully he does get a JLT game to get an idea of what is required at AFL level. 

Possibly getting some game time into other players and to sort out some structures is more important to the selectors and coach rather than blooding new recruits. Not sure. But I presume they are working to a plan. 

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A massive contrast from the team in the first have of this game in comparison to last week. They are showing something to hang your hat on. It's really great to see McCarthy kicking his first goal in Freo colours. Kersten has dropped a couple and it would be good to see him have a good second half, for his own confidence. 

Bradley Hill...is a bit of class 

I'm not even watching the score board. I want to see good effort and the boys backing each other up and so far apart from a few blunders they are doing that. 

Sutcliffe is a bit of a worry. It looks like his skills have slipped backwards. He didn't put in a great season last year and for him I think 2017 is going to be a bit of a defining year. 
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Purple Heart
Impressive performance from Bradley Hill. No surprises there as we know what he is capable of, but what is most thrilling is the fact that he is playing in purple. What a great pickup for us. Both Bradley and Stephen will have a huge impact and be major contributors this season.

Son Son and Sandi also went well.

As expected, it was a far better performance today. The players seemed like they were more in tune, but obviously there's still a lot of work to do.

Very pleased with the improvement in effort.
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We Bleed Purple

FREMANTLE              0.3.4   1.3.7   1.9.10 1.11.12 (87)
COLLINGWOOD        0.3.1   0.7.4   0.9.4   1.12.4 (85)

Collingwood: Howe

Walters 3, Griffin 2, Langdon 2, B.Hill, McCarthy, Sandilands, S.Hill
Collingwood: Cox 3, Fasolo 2, Moore, Phillips, White, Treloar, Varcoe, Greenwood, Adams

Fremantle: Sandilands, S.Hill, Walters, B.Hill, Hamling, Fyfe
Collingwood: Howe, Adams, Cox, Grundy, Treloar, Phillips

Fremantle: Kersten (TBC)
Collingwood: Nil

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Donlon, Margetts, O'Gorman, Harris

Official crowd: TBC at Rushton Park


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We Bleed Purple
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We Bleed Purple
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Purple Heart
Absolutely brilliant stuff from a little champ.

Michael is going to have a huge year. How could he not?

With the likes of the Hill brothers (God I love saying that!) planting the ball straight on his chest, he can't lose.
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I think Walters was deserving of a place in the leadership group. It shows a lot of maturity that he put himself in a position to get selected.  He really busted a gut last year when there wasn't much to play for sometimes. I think that shows commitment to the team and personal pride, which has my respect.  Hopefully he will spend much more time this season forward and like you said PH, get some good delivery. 
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