Ahh the smell is almost upon us.The smell of leather, the smell of linament,bandages etc.The aroma of moth balls is all but gone now from last season.It is now all before us... once again.
Football, yes real football is back well almost.
This time next week we will have nine winners and nine loser.That is unless there is a draw.All sides will maybe have some indication as to how they are going to go in season 2018.
I guess during the week the WA media will focus almost solely on "THAT" knee, and the love fest that will see the start of Eagles games at home this season.
A few sides will have first dibs on the press saying who is favourite,My guess is the Neeshies will feature prominently as they have the last few seasons,By now they should have left the tag of young side way behind them.Last season they were my selection as premiers, but sadly missed out.I still rate then highly this year.
Richmond will once again be touted as back to backers.Maybe with good cause.But I am not sure that they have as easy a draw this season as they had last.
I am sure the Hawks and Swans will be up there as well.Listen to or read the Melbourne media and the high flying Bomber will take some stopping as well.
Depending on who you read, the Roos will either be contenders or  the making of Roo stew.
The Doggies have some favour from some experts, but, like Richmond last year, they had a pretty esy draw to win their flag.Not sure they will make the eight.
Melbourne are the flavour of the moment as well.I am not sure they have the ticker to go on with it,but certainly have some talent.
Crows will once again be around the mark .They will be smarting from a very disappointing finish to their season last year.
I am afraid that the Pies will be talking about the career of Bucks at around round seven r eight.Not a good look for them I don't think.
Saints will have to improve a fair bit I reckon to be contenders as will Port.
The gurus from the East have Brissie, Suns and Freo as those with no chance.Some say the Toasters will slide but still make the eight.I doubt they will though.
On a local level, I believe that the Dockers are in a much better place than the Toasters.We have recruited pretty well the last couple of years.And those we have had for more than two, look like they can stand up as well. I wont say we have burnt some dead wood, but we have moved on players who have given a lot, but didn't have anything else to contribute to our progress.I see the Dockers having a pretty good season with a few big losses.But to me that is to be expected with a group so young and inexperienced.But the good thing about it is that we have players who seek to be better than some of those they will replace.They are setting their sights very high.Look out if you have a couple of games in bad form.There w ill be players banging on the door of the coach to say , pick me, pick me.
I am not sure the Toasters have recruited as well as they think,but who am I to take them to task.Their past recruits don't seem to be ready to step into the shoes of those that were moved on or retired.I see them as being big sliders for the 2018 season.
MMM going to be hard as to what I watch Thursday night the cricket or the Tiggers V Baby Blues.The remote will more than likely get a good work out.
Fellow Purple people, feel free to make comment.
If the Boss says it is ok, I will run my comments every week again this season for a bit of fun.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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