What a disgraceful performance from the Neeshies Thursday night..A few weeks back I had them as my flag winners.But WOW, how badly they have let me down. And let's face it, if they have let me down, how do the real supporters of the so called club feel! 
I am not sure how long it will last, but at the moment they are a heartless, soulless club.
I know that may be harsh, but I see a reason for the way the club is.
It seems to me that almost every other club  has their eyes on one or more of their players.For those who are staying, it must make it hard to trust all those who are in the firing line for other clubs.Will they have my back when the pressure goes on.Will they be there to help me through the hard times when they arise later this season, or next, or the one after.Until other clubs stop preying on them, they will remain a club with no confidence in each other and with that being the case they will remain a club in the wilderness.I feel there has to be a great feel of distrust among the players.
I will go as far as to predict that the Toasters will roll them next week.
A sad state of affairs for a club with a load of talent, but but no heart and soul.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
I wholeheartedly agree. GWS do lack heart and soul.

The AFL must take some responsibility for this. It was the AFL who gave them every conceivable concession, enabling them to build a team of champions. What they didn't bank on was that further down the track other clubs would circle like sharks to get their hands on them. They have lucrative contracts dangled in front of them and the opportunity to experience a decent sized fan base behind them, which is something they don't currently have.

The consequence of all this is what you said anchor - players have little or no trust in each other and no confidence that their teammates will cover their back. There is no cohesion or chemistry between players and it shows. There's no obvious passion displayed by their fans either. Contrast Richmond's fans from the other night with GWS fans, and I'm not just talking about the numbers here.

The GWS expansion club was an experiment which has failed miserably on just about every key performance/success indicator.

Unfortunately, I also have very little confidence that GWS will beat the Eagles next week, not because the Eagles are good, but because GWS are very poor.
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