OMG these women are smashing it. 

I am seriously so proud of their game.  They tackled the wind in the first quarter and hammered the Lions on the last three.  The combined effort on Sabrina Frederick-Traub kept her in no mans land. 

Can I just say, Adam called it on Duffy and her selection.  [biggrin] Boy can call it on talent. 

What a magnificent player she is and will be.  And a born and breed Freo supporter now playing for the club. That has to be a dream come true. 

O'Sullivan has come into her groove. Even Goouch kicked a goal. 

Sharpe was excellent.  Hooker was her usual ball magnet self 

We have a serious team happening here people. 


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Docker Fay
It is like a light bulb has been switched on with the girls, they have a fire burning in their belly's and I hope it keeps burning.
They played it hard, their tackles were fierce and in terrible heat.
The only thing that they need to do is hold their marks more, which let them down a little,  master that and no one will get near them.

Made you proud watching them.    Well Done Freo.
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adam kiwi
The wife's birthday so I missed the game, watched the highlights and brought the roof down. 

Is it just me or has promoting Goouch to the leadership group been a win, win?

Sharpe's goal's were a purists delight.  That one when she ran out of the centre square almost lost me my voice. 

My joy in life will be the girls ripping collingwood a new one this week. 

Goby, Duffy has got star written all over her. I do think the coaching this year helps, and from what I hear the second tier coaches (high performance, kicking, etc) is where the real magic is happening
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Uncle Wally
Great stuff.  Let's hope our men's team can start their campaign just as well as the ladies have.
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This was a piss poor article on the Freo/Brisbane game 


FREMANTLE 10.7 (67) def BRISBANE 6.4 (40)

  • Fremantle was the competition's highest scorer for a second week in a row, with 10 goalkickers contributing 18 goals in two matches.
  • Brisbane midfielder Ally Anderson improved significantly last year and looks to have taken her game to another level, becoming one of just four AFLW players to record at least 25 disposals, five tackles and a goal in a match.
  • Another two goals from Lion Jess Wuetschner sees her leading the competition goalkicking outright, while fellow forward Lauren Arnell has slotted in well after crossing from Carlton.

Ummmm FREO WON THE GAME! Ya would think they would get a mention in the run down 

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Docker Fay
We need to face it, compared to the other AFLW teams we are of no concern to them.

They will not be able to ignore if we keep winning week in week out with such gusto as we have done.

It is sad the girls don't get the recognition they deserve, heaven help us when the other mob start up.   The sky will be the limit.
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Purple Heart
That was a damn good game to watch.

Even with the temperature soaring, and some of the players badly affected by the heat, the team as a whole put on an impressive display of skills.

Geez we’ve really nailed the tackling side of things. Just about every tackle held and it was frenetic.

Well done Dockers!!

Keep it up.
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