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The big question for me is “how can our players demonstrate elite running, kicking, handball,and tackling skills in one game (Round 1) only to revert back to the abysmal skill level we are now seeing”? We even looked like we had a game plan in Round 1 that everyone bought into.

How does that work? For several rounds now its like we’re watching an entirely different team. Was it a case of players just taking the initiative and following their own instincts in Round 1, and they’ve now reverted back to the Lyon plan of defend, defend, defend and use your body as a ramming rod to stop the opposition from scoring? Does Lyon not realise that when players are exhausted from putting their bodies on the line, the standard of skills goes down - dramatically. Does he not realise that to maintain skill levels you need constant practice?

Lyon values tackling (which he calls EFFORT)) over kicking, marking, and running skills, hence the limited time spent on skills training at training.

Nothing will change while that mindset continues.
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PH, we weren't tired early, or shouldn't have been, but our skills were deplorable.And it remained like that all game.
I agree, we looked a million dollars against the Roos and even the Giants, but they are the only two games we have played with a bit of flair.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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First off a big thanks to Uncle Wally; Anchors; tip tops; Frosty and Goby for their well wishes and even kind words. Not expected but appreciated.

I have to pinch time when I am not medically supervised and my eye sight gives me a chance to post. Doesn't happen often.

Richmond played their best game since they won the GF and not many in the comp would have beaten them.  Their mosquito fleet was out in full force and we were caught in the headlights. They have so much depth it must worry the entire competition.

But we have not reverted to our "old style" of defense only. That gives me cause for concern when I see some of our committed supporters saying that. It was Clarkson brought back the flooding game with Hawthorn - they had the entire 18 players I50 of oppositions' end on several occasions. That is why Hawthorn won their game last weekend.  And the other close games that surprised - do you know why??

Please look at all the other games to get a clearer picture. Every team has bad games with skill errors, even Geelong. But you need to have an open mind and what all the opposition teams bring.  Then judge Freo amongst all the other 17.

Lyon gives Walters a roaming role which I disagree with - the team doesn't know what to expect - a midfielder one moment or a small forward role the next???? Sorry to say I think Son Son has become greedy for kicks and goals as well, and it doesn't matter his possessions, his delivery is deplorable and sometimes he stuffs it up all by himself by ducking his head and keeping possession of the ball too long. Never thought I would ever type this about one of our 'elites' but that's what it is IMHO. Very sad.

It takes several years to bring a new draftee up to AFL standard and then there are those that have the football 'nous' something that can't be taught, but brings a player to the 'elite' category eventually. We have a couple of possibilities, but Taberner was never and will never climb to a greater level than he is now - once again IMHO.

Just as the draftees take time - the trades need time to adjust BUT their past football history needs to be taken into account. Never happened with McCarthy. He was always on the half forward flank for GWS , stood out a year to play for us and then was expected to shine as a KPP - the centre half forward position no less!!  Messed with his confidence and mental health no doubt. I'm still not sure whether all his team mates respect him right now.

But we have recruited well for this year and are building a great team with some depth. Cox can be the best swing man around - FF or FB.  Jesse at CHF with McCarthy on one side and a smaller one on the other - take your pick of several. We are rebuilding the depth in our midfield and experience as well. More games needed in our young players and building their core strength is a must. Blakely is more than ready and Brayshaw too and a few are not far behind. But Ross needs to be firm with Walters and where he is the best fit. I would like to see B Hill on one wing and Walters on the other. That way we could have speed, a mosquito fleet when needed or a team built around tall KPPs - depends on the opposition strengths and weaknesses. Today's game needs the art of flexibility.  When we have mastered all that we will be headed to a GF.

Then there is our dependable back half. Ross allows Ryan and Pearce the intuitive loose man who takes the intercept marks but it could be tightened up to only one player per game, dependent on the opposition of course. It is Wilson who has become the onfield leader, all players listen to him. Pearce needs more experience to play that role effectively. Thank God for Hamling, never looks fazed, always dependable, took him half a season to adapt, although Wilson slotted right in, with that beautiful effective kick he has.  Wish we had more players who kicked that well, but that is being worked on. I prefer kicks to handballs but the modern game changes many needs these days to keep up with the speed of a game. I guess I will adapt eventually.

Sorry have been rambling on. Have now been caught out and will be forced to take a rest. Have just told the nurse to do out and shake herself so I can finish off.... Oops, will pay for that!! But please keep the conversations going, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, I'd love to hear what others think and hope for.

Can't change streams now but believe we will see a different Freo next and they will beat Essendon on Saturday.  That is what I am hoping for.

Thanks for letting me ramble and don't really know when the next opportunity will present.  Cheers to all...     Freeeoo  Freeeoo ............
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Honesty Viv, not always agreeable, but good ol fashion honesty. That's what I love about you Viv.
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