Docker Fay
I have been told that there was a fantastic passage of play at the scratch match at Lathlain.
It involved Apeness getting the tap to Cerra who handballed to Crowden which was sent back toCerra with Crowden running forward to take the mark then drilled a perfect 50 entry.  A lot thought that Crowden was BOG.    Boy this kid shows so much promise.
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Purple Heart
Agree DF. What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for with talent. I'm pretty sure we will see him in the next JLT game. He's sporting quite a shiner atm which some suspected was a broken nose. It didn't seem to bother him yesterday.

Likewise for Cerra who has been recovering from a shoulder injury, which is probably why he played with Peel first up. We will more than likely see him in the Dockers side next week as well.

North got BOG, which is no surprise to me. He's another one we should keep an eye on as he's showing very good skills at training. If he can maintain that standard, we can expect to see him debut at some point this season.
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