We Bleed Purple
Fremantle v Gold Coast
5:40pm (Perth time) Saturday August 5, Subiaco

Weather Forecast:
(@ time of posting) 17° Cloudy.
Cloudy. Slight (20%) chance of a shower. Light winds. Source

Odds: (@ time of posting) Fremantle $1.40  Gold Coast $2.97 Source

The Last Five Times
R18, 2016, Gold Coast 16.9 (105) d Fremantle 12.9 (81) at Metricon Stadium
R2, 2016, Gold Coast 19.12 (126) d Fremantle 14.16 (100) at Domain Stadium
R11, 2015, Fremantle 6.17 (53) d Gold Coast 7.4 (46) at Metricon Stadium
R2, 2014, Fremantle 12.15 (87) d Gold Coast 5.9 (39) at Domain Stadium
R6, 2013, Fremantle 15.9 (99) d Gold Coast 7.12 (54) at Metricon Stadium
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This is a game we can win, especially after last Saturday's effort.

Ablett Jnr could be a no show? Who knows what is happening internally at the Suns? We can send them home with the sun setting and heads downcast!  Go Freo!
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We Bleed Purple
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We Bleed Purple
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We Bleed Purple
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We Bleed Purple
The team:

 Fremantle Team Round 20 v Gold Coast
 HBLogueJohnsonS. Hill
NealeB. Hill
HughesTuckerSutcliffeD. Pearce
In: Griffin, D. Pearce
Out: Blakely (Shoulder), Darcy (Managed)

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I am cautious on this one , i feel the quality of our outs for the last two weeks i.e. Walters , Blackley might come back to bite us , having said that we virtually played without them last week , With Blackely going down early
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I'd be pretty peeved if they didn't win this one.
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Where is everybody?  Are the members in hibernation?  Can't be on the ski slopes - not cold enough, but can't be at the beach either - not warm enough! Geez, there was a drop off from home game attendances, but didn't expect a rub off on this Freo site!

Apart from the usual WBP posts about teams and video clips there are only 3 comments listed for this game.  I thought there would be more interest - given our teams good performance last week.

Very pleasing to see that the selection panel are starting to shape our team, with Mr Darcy being rested - but why is he an emergency? Rested should mean not selected at all, surely?  Then, due to injuries, Danyl Pearce comes back. What a wonderful kick he is and was the best at getting the ball I50 in the competition, more of that please Danyl! Good luck!

We've gone for 3 talls up forward when most top teams are relying on small forwards to kick the majority of goals. The best and most recent example of that is last nights great win by the Swans. Only needed Buddy sparingly!  Maybe Cox is there to pinch hit for Griffen, who I have no faith in, but wish him well.

Only 2 talls down back, which is a constant worry for me, because it's pure luck that Johnson has lasted so long without an injury so far. Bit surprised that Nyhuis hasn't been given another chance, seeing he performed so well in his first outing. Surely we can persist with someone who has the training, smarts and body for AFL. If we persisted with Logue, then I believe we should persist with Nyhuis too.

Not such a young side today. Besides Ryan and Logue, every player has played 20+ games.  Boy! That stat is improving the experience week by week isn't it?

I believe we can win this game against the Suns on our large home ground. It's cold and our boys are dog hungry for a win. Just don't worry about Ablett - let him get possessions, just intercept them as often as possible.

Go Team Fyfe! Go Dockers!      A win coming up, [smile]  but pls keep HB away from his mates after the game! [frown]
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Purple Heart
A good win over a team whose ability is probably on a par with ours for this season.

It was really good to see Cam kick his four goals and I hope that by doing so it has bolstered his confidence. Our Forward line in general showed some good signs, particularly with respect to making a lead, which is something we haven't seen much of over the past seven games.

It was another great game from the Fyfestar and Lachie Neale, and a breakout game for Luke Ryan. Crozier was also impressive at times as was Griffin.

Bradley Hill covered a significant distance yet again and had quite a few possessions. If he could only improve his kicking, he would be an even greater asset than he is already.

All in all, I'm pleased with the win. We were a little slow to warm up at first, but got there in the end.
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We Bleed Purple
FREMANTLE 3.5 7.8 11.12 12.18 (90)
GOLD COAST 4.0 5.4 8.7 10.7 (67)

Fremantle: McCarthy 4, Kersten 2, Crozier, S.Hill, Mundy, Griffin, Ballantyne, Neale
Gold Coast: Wright 3, Lynch 3, Sexton 2, MacPherson, Hanley

Fremantle: Neale, Ryan, B.Hill, Fyfe, S.Hill, McCarthy
Gold Coast: Hanley, Lynch, Wright, Ablett, Rosa, Miller

Fremantle: Grey (hamstring)
Gold Coast: David Swallow (groin) replaced in selected side by Jarrad Grant. Hall (hamstring)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Margetts, Kamolins, Glouftsis

Official crowd: 27,050 at Domain Stadium
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adam kiwi
Only got to see highlights package for this one, looked good.

Conditions looked a bit wet under foot was it?  

Must say was happy with Cam bagging a few, hope will make him feel good, deserves it. 

Liked the goal from Griffin too, was a ripper. How was his ruck work? 

Happy, very happy to be proven wrong, and have the team win one. Great effort. 

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tip tops
Yes Adam it was greasy under foot more from dew no rain and the Subiaco surface is rubbish,but the players obviously don't want to use studded boots it must slow them down to much let's hope the new stadium surface is a lot better.
Similar to last week the whole team played well but this time held on to win even after some poor set shoots 18 behinds man o man sort that part of their game out and who knows what could happen next year.
Grif came into the side and did his job,grey getting injured again is very disappointing for him.
I thought the umpiring was ok except a couple of very soft free kicks not even sure what they were for in the third term.
Great to see the forwards get among the goals.
Luke Ryan same as last week was outstanding,can't wait to see how good this guy will be next year.
Gold Coast have a lot of talented players but look like they are just going through the motions they seem to have no heart.
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Docker Fay
Gee, we were really bad kicking all those points with some of them right in front.
Thrilled with the win and as for the boots tip tops, they hate wearing the other ones because they are too heavy, go figure.   AS for the umpires there was one that involved Hamling right near the goals and not sure who the other player was , but it should have gone hamling' s way as the guy had hold of his wrist,  but overall they were ok.
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We Bleed Purple
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