Purple people eater
SHERIDAN and GREY sign 12 month contract
That's good news
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Collins gone.Though it doesn't surprise me,it bemuses me a bit.So much good stuff said about him.Yet couldn't get a game.Makes you wonder.
Grey I am happy with,Sherro and Sutcliffe are surprises though.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Collins showed a lot good mark reads the play well , But an old fashioned footballer ,lacked agility and and had a reasonably large turning circle by modern standards
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Purple Heart
Yes good news about the contract extensions.
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tip tops
Sheridan might still offer something if not his a good depth player and grey looks promising but needs to string together a few more games without getting injured fingers crossed.
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Docker Fay
I think what went in Sheridan's favour of another year tip tops, was how he played  in the final and that fabulous goal he kicked.    Was pretty sure that they would keep Brady Grey, they need a little tough guy around at all times I reckon.
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