Fremantle v Collingwood, Rushton Park, 1.35pm AWST


B: H.Miller 19, T.Bresland 5, A.Chuot 14
HB: C.Davidson 33, E.Antonio 12, K.Bentley 23
C: G.O'Sullivan 22
HF: D.Hooker 17, G.Houghton 27, A.Lavell 7
F: M.Caulfield 24, S.Barr 10, A.Sharp 1
FOLL: K.Clinch 25, B.Smith 18, K.Donnellan 15
I/C: B.Whyte 28, D.Okely 16, L.Filocamo 4, B.Devlyn 26, K.Phillips 13, A.Janz 30
Emergencies: S.Cain 20, T.Golisano 11

In: A.Janz
Out: S.Cain

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Really good first quarter for Fremantle. Donnellan must have read my post on her needing to step up and kick a couple as she nailed a beauty in the first quarter.  Antonio has got an incredible leap, she just needs to make those marks stick. Miller does some good things down back.  Players need to pick up their opponents because Collingwood are running into the 50 too easily. 

All in all a really good quarter and much better skills all round than I have see the women produce in the previous games. 

I'd like to see a bit more from the inclusion Janz. Seems she has the grunt but I haven't seen much of her so far. 

Just a off topic note. I never knew how Australians we sound when they say the words "girls" ...GrrLs hhah! 
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A couple of misses from Kirby and Houghton allowed Collingwood to snatch the game by a point. Freo definitely deserved to win that game. 

Janz the new ruck is a mountain of a women and did ok for her first game with the team. 10 Hitouts and 5 tackles, she might have been beat by King but I believe King is a marque player, so Janz had her work cut out for her. 

Gtar I am guessing you didn't watch the game but there was far less congestion in that game and although there were some mistakes, across the board the skills were much better by Fremantle. Putting them up against Collingwood it is clear Fremantle has a problem with kicking accuracy. 

I think one of the commentators said that Fremantle lost 15 or 16 (something like that) women from their team to eastern clubs. So that goes some way to explaining the difficulty they are experiencing in comparison to other clubs.

Not really an excuse 

Also Fremantle apparently wanted to select WA women over Eastern and SA. I am not sure what their philosophy was behind that. 

I'm just really talking to myself here arent I.
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We Bleed Purple
FREMANTLE                            2.1       2.1       4.2       4.7 (31)
COLLINGWOOD                      3.0       4.1       5.1       5.2 (32)

Fremantle: Donnellan, Phillips, Houghton, Lavell
Collingwood: White, Hope, McIntosh, Cameron, Eva

Fremantle: Antonio, Filocamo, Houghton, Hooker
Collingwood: Kuys, Stevens, Eva, King

Fremantle: Nil
Collingwood: Nil

Reports: Nil

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We Bleed Purple
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