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It seems that I have missed the background briefing to this, but I have recently learned that the WAFL will comprise 10 teams next year, the tenth team being a West Coast Eagles reserves team.  How was this negotiated exactly?  Were they invited to join, or did the Eagles approach the WAFL?  Will they be compete in the finals if they finish in the top 5?  Why isn't Fremantle doing the same?  A lot of questions I know, but I really have missed the developments of this one.
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I have not heard or read about that happening.But they have broken away from East Perth as of the end of this season.
I am sure that Fremantle are happy with the situation they have with Peel right now. Maybe down the track they will look  to go it alone, but I don't see it happening in the near future.
If Fremantle took a stand alone position, as the Eagles have, there would be an 11 team competition, that just isn't viable with the lack of numbers attending the WAFL now days.I would think that there would have to be current teams amalgamating to allow both Fremantle and the Eagles to have stand alone sides.
I thought that the current WAFL sides had to approve of the stand alone sides any way, but maybe the WAFC have granted them the rights.


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