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I understand what you are saying PH in regards to the female coaches and they should also be critiqued on their performances. I agree with that completely. I do think it is early days so hanging Cowan out to dry is unfair. I also had the same view on Ross and still do, when many others were prepared to dismiss him on his first season. 

I was more responding to Fay who was saying that the male coaches are winning more games. Which is pretty obvious since there are 6 of them and 8 teams. How can you judge on gender when there is a difference in odds and skills of players. 

I am happy to discuss skills of the women's teams. I'm am happy to accept that the skills need to be raised and there are unanswered questions in how they exist in the league ongoing. I also accept that watching the game as it stands now is not everyone's cup of tea. I do think people need to make some allowance for the fact that it is a fledgling league and they are coming from so far back from anything other female/male code it's not funny. 

What I don't accept is the suggestion women shouldn't exist in the league. Also the now they are in the league and they belong to our club, I think people need to accept them and support them as part of our club. That is pretty much non negotiable for me. They are Fremantle Docker players full stop and end of. Give them a spray for their skills, give the coach a boot, what ever, but they deserve the same respect for belonging to our club like any other player. 

If we have to resort to male vs female, well that is just bloody sad isn't it. 

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I have watched nearly all of Freo's women's games but not any more.
They're no good, in fact they play like Sheilas.

I saw a good exhibition game last year against west coast. That was much better than what we are seeing now.
And as the cup goes up hear the shouting
Freooo, Freo.
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Purple Heart

Great win to the Freo ladies today.

Well done!!
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Congrats to the ladies on their first victory .
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They have put in 100% effort from the beginning but also they had intent, and that made the difference. Their tackles were fierce, their kicking was much improved. There was less congestion which made the game a good watch. Gemma Houghton took a couple of marks that would have Ross up in his seat and one she kicked a goal from. The captain Donnellan really stood up and played a good game with 2 goals and 24 disposals. Janz the ruck really grew in stature and she looks like she will shape up to be a good player, she nailed 29 hit outs compared to her opponent who racked up 16. Janz is another cross code from netball so I think she did well. 

It was clear the improvement came from all the women contributing 

And the celebration after was excellent. They sung the Freo song with gusto. 

They also went to the Freo launch so hopefully they won a few hearts with the Freo faithful. 

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