We Bleed Purple
Fremantle v West Coast
2:40pm (Perth time) Sunday July 16, Subiaco

Weather Forecast:
(@ time of posting) 21° Shower or two.
Partly cloudy. High (70%) chance of showers. Light winds becoming west to northwesterly 15 to 25 km/h during the morning. Source

(@ time of posting) Fremantle $2.46  West Coast $1.55 Source

The Last Five Times
R6, 2017, West Coast 16.7 (103) d Fremantle Dockers 9.8 (62) at Domain Stadium
R20, 2016, West Coast 17.8 (110) d Fremantle Dockers 9.10 (64) at Domain Stadium
R3, 2016, West Coast 12.20 (92) d Fremantle Dockers 8.11 (59) at Domain Stadium
R20, 2015, West Coast 15.14 (104) d Fremantle Dockers 11.14 (80) at Domain Stadium
R3, 2015, Fremantle Dockers 17.9 (111) d West Coast 12.9 (81) at Domain Stadium

Match Preview

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Uncle Wally
It was great that Port managed to sort out the Eagles this afternoon.  That said I hope that WCE won't bounce back next weekend.   Our injury list is also a worry.  I'll hope for the best none the less.
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We must treat this game like WAR. 
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Purple Heart
If ever there was a game where we need Joel Hamling to be playing, it's this one.

I shudder to think what our backline will look like without him. He has been fantastic since the moment he first played for us. I'm a big fan of his.

I know Sam Collins had a really good game in the WAFL, and may have to be considered if Joel's hip injury is worse that the Medicos thought, but we really need an experienced player in the backline for the Derby.

Also, please Ross keep Nyhuis in the forward line. Resist the temptation to send him down back.

Just as an aside, I see where the Docker players were singing about Nyhuis, changing the words from "My House" song. They were singing it on the bus apparently as they left Etihad after the game. Fabulous!!!!!!
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Docker Fay
I think we need to prepare ourselves for the sporting news on every channel this week.
Headlines are, will Jig a Jig be fit to play in the derby. They are so full of themselves and honestly believe they are champions. Years ago they called themselves the Chardonnay set, today's standards have dropped a little as they ran out of beer just after half time.
Hope the older guys tell the young ones just how dirty they will play when we meet them.
Better still ,show some past derby's to let them see  what to expect.
We need our injured to come up for this one.
This is a must win.
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Purple Heart
And the "will he or won't he play" rubbish starts tonight DF, and as you say, will go ALL week.

Pitiful is the word that comes to mind.
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All or nothing this week. Firstly, if we were to have any chance of finals footy then we must win this game. The MUCK up the road haven't been travelling all that well and Port gave us some great insight into stopping them. However, finals talk would hardly be my approach to this game. Our squad as it currently stands is very youthful, and i'm a big believer in history and culture, we need to Fremantle our youth, we need to give the young fellas a history lesson on where our club has come from, right from the start to where we are today. A big part of that education is the treatment we have received from those rotten chardonnay sippers. Our strength is our history, and our culture comes from our tough times and how we came together as one to walk over the muck. I would love it if some of our greats from the past could inspire our youth and build the values of the past into the future. Imagine being big Darcy or young Nyhuis the day before a derby, and your listening to Haze and Macca talking Derby from deep in the trenches. It's inspiring, it would make my blood run and it would make me so determined to play all or nothing football. To carry on the legacy of the history, that those men and there team mates created, we must never let our youth forget where we came from. They need to know and it needs to be now.
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Another derby, means a lot to the WA football community, but still only 4 points at stake. I know only too well about the war cries and the finals like atmosphere, but wished the attitude and endeavour was the same for all home and away games. Because we need some silverware in our cupboard and the focus should remain on achieving that, for mine.

In 2017, our young players coming up may not have the same attitude as some hard line supporters, but it is what it is, whilst it continues to be played up by the media.  I just feel total disdain for the Weagles and mention them as little as possible. But then I also feel the same way about a few of our other opponents, namely Geelong. I won't be listening to the 'white noise' too much!

We have an absolute legend in our midst, who has lived the game and our club, making quite some history of his own by achieving All Australian selection in at least three different positions. Matthew Pavlich of course!  There would be no one better that the Pav Man to address the players before the derby IMHO.  He has the smarts to tell it like it is and to provide some balance for young players during our transition period.

I would dearly like to see a win, but more importantly I just want every player to play their designated role as best they can and back each other up without becoming injured. And I hope Ballas is finally over his hard knock from the Saints game.
Is that too much to ask?

Go Dockers!!  We will be Dynamite again!!
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Purple Heart
Unfortunately, the forecast is now 60% chance of rain on Sunday, so we can expect to see some of our players lose their feet.

Although they didn't train with the main group, Hamling and Johnson are still expected to play. Although the media is trying to make something out of Brad Hill training for only a short period, I still think he will play.

If well enough Mundy should come in to replace Sheridan and the rest of the team will remain the same as last week I suspect.

Would really like to walk away with the four points.

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We Bleed Purple
The Squad for Sunday's game:

 Fremantle Squad Round 17 v West Coast
 CS. Hill
NealeB Hill
 Interchange From*

In: Mundy, Spurr, Deluca, Collins

Out: Sheridan (Hamstring)

*Three to be omitted

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Ok, now I know that the selection panel have a sense of humour.  Ballantyne at CHF!!! 
Can you imagine Ballantyne up against McGovern??   HaHa!!  LMFO!!
Last week it was Crozier!

Am hoping Sam Collins lines up beside Hamling, but think he will only come in if Hamling has to pull out. We need another big body up back when Darling & Kennedy are there. Johnson often goes roaming trying for an intercept, but not great on man-to-man, IMO.

We look very small in the HF line but I know that will change!  Pretty good squad, glad I don't have to decide who will miss out!

Go Dockers!
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Purple Heart
Yes we are going in small, or are the Eagles just going in too tall?

I suspect Brady will be cut, simply because of his previous shoulder injury. I also think Collins and Crozier will be cut. However, if Hamling doesn't come up, and I really hope that is not the case, Collins will come in. Sam has strung together some very good WAFL games, and should go ok.

I know Kennedy has been named for the Eagles, but I still think he will be a late withdrawal on Sunday. They like playing "silly buggars" at that club.
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Docker Fay
I will be very surprised if Kennedy plays , they think that by naming him we will run screaming into the streets in fear.
I want us to thrash them, not just beat them , and have the pleasure to see them having to stay on the ground while Walters is given his Medal.
Don't let us down Dockers.
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I think Kennedy will play as those weasels cannot lose another game right now because the Top 8 may be out of their reach then. Wouldn't that be justice though.  But I also think that is why we have some extra flexibility in our squad.  We'll know soon enough, I guess!
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Ahh Fay.....That is music to my ears. I don't want to beat them I want to thrash them. Being ruthless is a beautiful thing. I would love to see Kennedy play....And get carried off. And the player who does it Gets the Medal.
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