Uncle Wally
Well, it's hard to get too excited about the start of the football season now.
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Docker Fay
They will still play uncle only we will be watching it on TV.
These things are sent to try us.
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Uncle Wally
Sure it'll be on telly, but it's nowhere near as good as being there.  Nor will it be the same watching it on TV without the crowds there.  I suppose at least the Eagles won't be awarded as many free kicks without their supporters there to help milk them from the umpires.  Sure it's frustrating, but I suppose we can't be too careful.  Interesting times ahead.
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I think that it will be cut short.I don't see a full season.
Even the players will come into contact with people who are carriers, then they will infect others, and so it goes on.
The Kiwis have gone home and called off the series of ODIs.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Docker Fay
Its a little scary, I believe one of the kiwi bowlers was complaining of a sore throat but i didn't know they had gone home.
I had already locked in the next 2 games.  We go about our lives oblivious and something like this hits us  and we realize how precious life can be .
We have to take these measures for self preservation. 
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Purple Heart
The virus and containment measures being adopted has certainly deflated some of the excitement for the season ahead.  I’m in the Cheer Squad so it’s going to be the weirdest season for a number of reasons for me.  

Had a chuckle when watching the video clip of Sonny kicking a goal at Optus, then scaling the fence so he could be a spectator, and applaud his efforts 😂

The players had a good laugh from it also, and they seemed in very good spirits in spite of the fact that they know they won’t have the fans to help lift them throughout the game.    

Spare a thought also for any of our youngsters who may have to debut to an empty stadium.  What an anti-climax for them as usually there is an almighty roar from us when they run onto the field for the first time.  

Anyway, what will happen will happen and we just have to suck it up. 
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tip tops
The son son celebration was classic 
The way things are going it’s going to be a bonus if we can watch live games on television,forget about any watching live at the stadium for the moment.
The AFL have a responsibility to play/air all games for the whole season,the way things are going that’s going to be very interesting how or if that will be possible especially as obviously we are naturally heading into winter/ flu season.
I for one will be very disappointed but the health of the elderly and sick can’t be ignored plus our health system struggles at the best of times let alone a mass influx of sick people over the next couple of months,the best I think that could happen is that the season will get extended into next summer.
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tip tops
If worse case scenario is that the season gets canceled,on a positive Fremantle having such a young list and larger than normal injury list wouldn’t see it as the complete disaster some other clubs would find themselves in with ageing lists.
except for Mundy,you never know he might enjoy a break.
It could end up being a 17 month preseason.Not sure how that scenario would go down mentally for the players.
This is shaping as a very unusual year I think.
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