It will be a real bun fight about who has the right to wear the home guernsey next Saturday.

My take is that seeing as the Crows finished well on top at H&A end, they deserve the right.

But I am guessing that Gillon will see it differently.Toss a coin he said.... why Gillon? Rules are rules, the Crows WON the right to wear the home strip, no argument.
I am not sure that it would make any difference as to bth wearing their home guernsey.I don't see a clash.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
The decision has been made and Adelaide get to wear their home guernseys because of their position on the ladder.

The decision is a rare display of logic from the AFL.

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