After watching our players get pushed aside so easily last week against the Power, how do we develop bigger bodied players.
When the rain came last week they out marked, out skilled and out played our boys due to their bigger bodies.
Apart from say, Fyfe ,Mundy, Bewley.Acres,Darcy, we struggle to have big bodies around the ball.
Bewley is still in his infancy as an AFL player, Acres, has yet to pull on the Purple guernsey, and Blakely has yet to prove to the players and staff that he is ready to return to the fold.
We have a load of skinny kids!!! Valente, Sturt, Young, North, Watson, Duman, maybe a few more.Now some of these have been at the club a few years, yet not filling out to become bulls around the ball.
Schultz and Crowden are thickly built , as is Matera, but not brutes to push players aside.
Have we recruited badly, or just not built them up to become players that are hard to move off the ball?
Be interested to hear what others have to say,




29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Docker Fay
I think last weeks game was more a case of the opposition team adapting to the conditions better.  Apart from the second quarter we matched it with them.
We couldn't handle Charlie Dixon mainly because we didn't have the match up for him but put in an Alex pearce or Joel hamling and the contest looks a lot different.
A full strength freo side will look unrecognizable to the teams we are playing with now.
We are blooding young players as well so when those factors are considered we are going alright.
I often think back to the Connolly days when he made Paul Medhurst bulk up then lean down again all to fill a position requirement.
That effectively destroyed Medders' career at freo.
To summarise , we need and have all body shapes. Right now we really need a full squad to choose from.
Players like Cerra have now built strength rather than bulk.  He will have an important role for us in the future. I dont want the club to compromise what speed and agility players have in the pursuit of size.
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