Docker Fay
I enjoyed watching the game last night played with fun and seeing my hero Modra kick 4 goals was a treat.  It is a little sad to see some of the greats have let themselves go , not all , but some.
There was a passage of play late in the last quarter when he tried to fly for a mark (and we all know how good he was at that) and could hardly get of the ground.  After he stopped laughing he said that he now was 120 kilo's.  I think in his hey day he won 3 marks of the year.   It bought a tear to my eyes.
He may not be able to take screamers but he can still kick straight. 

I love him .[love]
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Purple Heart
Aaaaah Faye, it sounds like you enjoyed yourself watching the game.

Yes Modra was unique. Oh to have another Modra at the Dockers now.

I’m not really sure why so many former sportsmen stack on the weight when they retire from the sport and get older. It’s never a good look and they can’t even blame a lack of education about life style factors and obesity.

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