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gtar58 wrote:
Tucker improved this year and Blakely as already mentioned and......I will get back to you

He has improved along with Weller, Crozier and Hughes but just not nearly enough from all of them.

Mat Taberner with as much heart as a limp lettuce. Tom Sheridan while he hasn't been playing just doesn't give anything.  Josh Deluca who I doubt could get up to be anything more than depth.  Sutcliffe just can't cut it. 

Zac Clarke and Micheal Apeness have been injured ongoing and are just taking up space.

Sam Collins must have tried to hit on the bosses wife.

Harley Balic with some promise has done a runner.

We have Uber who I still think could be something, Strandica and Duman a long way off. 

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Goby Lyon doesn't think Duman is a long way of,in fact he said he would love to play him before seasons send.Haven't seen the side for the Bombers, so not sure if he has a run or not.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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