Uncle Wally
Port Adelaide of course couldn't have beaten a nicer club this afternoon, coming off the back of yet another heart stopping Fremantle win, it made for a very good afternoon indeed.

Port's win was all the sweeter after having read the article on the back page of yesterday's local rag where our friends at WA News were again talking up the Eagles chances of qualifying for the top four with a supposed easy draw coming up for them in the next few weeks.  Today's result was no doubt a big set back for that cause.  Hopefully they won't be ready to rebound next week.  If our boys are victorious next weekend I'm sure that really hurt them at  "The West Australian" to report the match.  Fingers crossed.
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Purple Heart
Yes Uncle, absolutely got a schadenfreud buzz from that game.

Paddy Ryder (otherwise known as sniper) played a very good game and had the WCE's midfield tied up in knots.

Hope we can do the same next week.
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