Height: 202cm
Weight: 110cm
Position: Ruck
Drafted from: Geelong Falcons
DOB: 12 June 1998 (18)

Sean Darcy is a ruckman from Camperdown, Victoria. 

Darcy boarded at Xavier College in Melbourne and faced of a lot of travel while combining his school footy with his Geelong Falcons footy in the TAC Cup.

Performing well at both levels, Darcy was soon representing Vic Country and shining at the U18 Championships.

While Darcy possesses terrific physical strength and competitiveness to match, it was his craft and touch that was most impressive in his ruck work and he regularly fed his midfield brigade, giving his on-ballers first class service out of the middle.


THE young ruckman they liken to Shane Mumford may have just played his way onto an AFL list after a dominant national under-18 championships.

Sean Darcy’s draft stocks have risen sharply after his decisive tap work was on display for Vic Country against the country’s best emerging ruck prospects.

The Geelong Falcons’ 201cm product is an old-fashioned big-bodied ruckman with an aggressive streak, drawing instant comparisons with Mumford.

While his potential has long been known, the 18-year-old only has limited opportunities at TAC Cup level because of his overriding footy commitments with Xavier College.


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I looked at every ruck numerous times, apart from English it was Sean Darcy or Tony Olango, that I thought were the potentials. I wasn't set on Cameron at all. 

Olango being a very raw prospect and he had some injury troubles that put a big question mark over him, which could be the reason he didn't get picked up. 

I think I had my heart set on English and that mobile type ruck who has a bit of speed and agility, which I think is where clubs are trying to head. 

Sean would have had the edge in his grunt work but I saw him as being limited in his mobility. I mean like he is a massive bloke and he is going to need to work on his fitness.

I am not unhappy about the selection. For a start Freo needed to fill the ruck role, he has got some size about him and he appears to do his job well. He does have that Mumford look about him.

As long as all the talk about his competitiveness stacks up because that was the downfall of Hannath in my opinion. All heart but no aggressiveness or competitiveness.   

I really look forward to watching the bloke close up. 

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Cal Twomey's take on the rucks and he mentions Olango also. What do people think could we fit another ruck in? 


Tony Olango
St Marys/NT

Tim English and Sean Darcy were the only pure ruckmen to get a shot on Friday, showing that clubs tend to prefer to trade for rucks or take them as rookies if they can. That may open the door for Olango to get a shot after showing great athleticism and improvement across the year. The NT prospect is a strong leap and has added some muscle to his frame, plus he is quite good with the ball in his hands at avoiding traffic and being solid by foot. 

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I suppose it all depends on who may be available in the rookie draft. Having both sandilands and griff up front nurturing the young lumberjack darcy, I would probably pass on another ruckman and look at another key position player, with flexibility. Not to keen on two rookie rucks. Maybe at next years trade period we can go after a more established ruckman, it may depend on what sort of a year clarke has and if sandi wants to go on or pull the pin. If darcy can control his weight and get the right physical balance for his body he is going to be a very powerful and intimidating player for many years.
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I have said in posts before, that I would have liked English.But I also said that I wouldn't be disappointed if we went with Logue or some one similar, then used a later pick for a ruckman.I guess it turned out well for us in more ways than one.
Yep Maybe Darcy is a bit lumbering, or looks that way.But I did hear one of the experts say he is athletic.To me that means he has the smarts.He knows where to go to be where the ball is.He is alawys around where the ball is.His bulk in contests will make him a hard man to handle in one on ones, or pack contests.He is a thinker as well by the looks of what I have seen.Only time will tell.
For all of our recruits, the easy stuff has been done, now down to the hard stuff.Those who want it the most.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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