I can't believe how Freo packed in the defenders and a couple of potential rucks...But crikey the defenders are over flowing. 

Joel Hamling
Griffin Logue
Luke Ryan 
Brennan Cox
Plus Grey

Luke Strnadica
Sean Darcy 

As rucks 

I guess that really makes a statement about the near future of Dawson and Johnson....

Good planning really..


  • Sandilands (35)
  • Mundy (32)
  • Johnson (33)
  • Ibboson(29)
  • Griffin (31)
  • Dawson (31)
  • Ballantyne (30)

I would imagine Freo would want to hang on to Clarke or Griffin. I think Sandi would be hard pressed to go on, although he was looking pretty good before Nic Nat took him out. 

We need Bennell to start paying it back. Yarran has really let us down...

The risks so far don't look like they are paying off. 

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tip tops
It sure has been a different trade and draft period usually we were lucky to pick one player over 190cm I've lost count how many we got this year.
It looks to me The club has discided that we have enough talent in our existing midfield group and because finding good talls seems so hard have gone overboard picking almost all talls,it wouldn't surprise me if they try and turn Griffen logue into the modern day monster midfielder,it looks like the kid can run and run already.
I like the look of Sean Darcy,if he can turn all that excitement into run and brute strength,in a few years he could be unstoppable.
Truth of the matter is that all the new recruits look awesome but history tells us a couple will never play a senior game,for their sake and Fremantles lets hope they collectively buck the odds and all have long and healthy carriers at Fremantle.
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I'm pretty surprised that Freo decided to recruit strongly in the backline. When Carlton called Petrevski-Seton I thought there was no chance that Fremantle would choose a good player but they didn't let me down. Logue is a fantastic choice and makes up for the fact that we didn't get Seton. I love the way Logue plays and his size will definitely compliment the playing group. He's also someone that can go straight into AFL level which is what we needed: a smart player that can have immedient impact. As for Sean Darcy, he seems like a bright guy that could become a skilled ruckman but only time will tell. Surprising when I heard that Luke Ryan was predicted to go as high as pick 19 and I hope he can live up to that repertoire. Cox seems like a player with a good marking ability but I'm not sold on him yet. The rookie draft was ok In my eyes but I don't think we needed another tall forward with what we've got right and Duman seems fumbly in the highlights but I love his willingness to continue to attack the ball. The redrafting of Grey and Deluca was surprising. I thought they were done but I'm happy that Freos giving them another chance and I can't wait to see what they become in the future. I feel like both ends of the ground are beginning to become very strong but the middle needs a bit of attention in next years trade period. Neale and Fyfe can't carry the midfield. Don't get me wrong though, we've got some other good midfield aspects like speed in both Hills, Blakely and a few other younger players but with the loss of Barlow, we need another big bodied A grade midfielder that isn't afraid to throw himself around. Basically I'm saying put all the effort into finding another Fyfe next year whether that's through the draft or through trading.

Overall, I'm very happy with the way Fremantle have gone about the trade period and have clearly had the focus of building a strong defence and forward line. I commend them for not just recruiting players for the hell of it although I don't think Strnadica was necessary but it's nice to add to the tall stocks. As I said before I think the midfields turn for an upgrade is next year but I'm really exited to see what a speedy Hill adds to Freo next year. Go Freo!
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