Purple Heart
Really pleased with the inclusion of Hogan, Hill and Sturt for this week’s game.  
I think with Hogan’s experience and Sturt’s superb kicking and athleticism, our forward line is lookIng in really good shape.  It’s been such a long time since Jesse played and it’s probably not being fair to him to have too high an expectation, but we know he can be a super star when he’s switched on.  He looks in great shape at the moment, albeit with a few cuts on his face from an accident in the gym today. 

Also glad to see Stephen back in the side.  His silky smooth kicking has been sorely missed for too long.  We should see some very clean ball movement from half back now.  

I was wondering whether JLo would give Young another run this week and I think he’s done the right thing by keeping him in.  I think we’ll see a steady improvement each game from Haydn.  

In spite of Port’s superb win last week, I think we can win our first game this week.

Forever Freo.  

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PH, disappointed with what happened yesterday, but we were just brushed aside when the rain came.
The Powers bigger bodies were too much for the smaller frames.
The players like Sturt, Cerra, Young Valente North,Duman, Watson and a few others need to bulk up.
One player with a bigger body, Bewley played very well and was not pushed aside as easily.
I am concerned about Stephen Hill,his future must be hanging in the balance right now with his constant calf and soft tissue injuries.But we need his experience.  

Hopefully our first win will happen while we are in the hub.So fingers crossed.



29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart

It was a very disappointing game anchor. The rain didn’t seem to have much impact on Port whereas we just stopped dead. We’re still doing long high bombs to anyone in the forward line which nine times out of ten we don’t mark or even bring it to ground. I thought we would be playing better than we are by this round. We have a very long way to go sadly before we are competitive.  The biggest issue for us at the moment is that we need our tall defenders back playing. Although I thought Brennan Cox did a pretty good job even with the difference in height.

Charlie Dixon gave us a lot of grief and I’ve no doubt Pearce or Hamling would’ve put him in his place.   Brett Bewley put in a good one. What would’ve possessed our Medicos to strap up Sturt’s ankle, give him a jab and send him back out to play in the slippery conditions?  They have just guaranteed the kid will miss bloody weeks with an ankle injury the fools.  

JLo has a lot of work ahead of him. 

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Docker Fay
I really hope we can get a win while we are in the hub,it isn't a good feeling seeing a lot the same old mistakes .
As for Sturt being sent back and after one kick he was limping again sent alarm bells ringing. He could have damaged Tendons.
How many times has this happened in the past? only to find that more damage has been done .   Will never forget a comment that Cometti made about sending Palmer back onto the oval and we couldn't have been beaten at that stage.   He had a bone broken in his foot.
OK the Medicos don't have xray eyes but what is wrong with playing it safe. Something is wrong with the whole setup.
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Docker Fay
Just heard ........6 weeks out of action   What great news.
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tip tops
It seems that Freos Achilles is its ankles at the moment,but on a more serious note it was a dumb move patching Sturt up and no doubt making the injury worse especially seeing as the kid hadn’t touched the ball and port were well on top by that point.
On a more positive note what I’ve seen in the last two games is a young team and coach playing well enough to suggest they are tracking in a similar way as Brisbane did a couple of years ago as in being in games but having the odd lapse what unfortunately for this season means not many wins and a lot of honourable losses.
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