All the teams are back and........................ 

WOW....that Hawks beat the Crows at Adelaide oval! Tipsters nightmare!

Then on Friday night.......What a game!  Sydney and Essendon are two very different sides, yet the game was absolutely riveting! Those last 5 minutes will be played at all clubs, for a 'never say die' spirit from all players!  Well played, well coached, and great to watch for footy lovers!

Saturday and the 1st game ......... Pies vs Port, on the Pies home ground, the MCG!  Well!! Port demonstrated why they deserve to be in the top 4, with Robbie Gray starring......but why, oh, why, didn't Buckley put someone like Goldsack onto Gray, to stop him after half time.

GWS brought their strength to Brisbane...even without their main stars. Expected!

Saturday night's game at Domain.....thought the Weagles would beat the decimated Demons by 30 pts at least. But I didn't count on the new style Demons, never give up, never say die! Courage at every turn.  The Weagles now have to wonder where they fit on the ladder. Can't win in Melbourne and now can't win at home. And some of their precious little gems not playing well for several weeks. Have to acknowledge Jack Viney for his leadership, although I don't like him as a player.  But a Great Result for all Docker supporters!

At the same time the Bulldogs faced the Kangas at Etihad and made a huge tussle of it. Got home by a point, after the siren, but something very amiss with the young Bullies, as a team they are not gelling as too much off-field talk creating distractions. The Bullies need to re-focus, for mine...........

More to come on Sunday....................??
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Well, we all know that Freo lost by 2 points...only 2 points!! After fielding the youngest team to ever run out on Simonds Stadium to face a team placed 3rd on the ladder. The Cats were confident.....too confident and then Ballas and Selwood knocked heads accidentally and everything changed.  With 2 point up and the siren sounding the Cats celebrated like they won the lottery but deep down realised they had a luck escape!

The the last two games played out as expected. The Tigers made hard work of keeping their lead, with a player on report.  And the Suns were defeated, without Ablett and Mick Barlow, by the Saints in Melbourne.

Had a hard job keeping interested in the last two games........I wonder why??
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Purple Heart
The saying that there "are no certainties in AFL" has never been more true this season.

It's like being on a giant roller coaster this season and it has become almost impossible to predict the winners each week.

What does that say about teams' consistency for the 2017 season? I think the Coaches are even baffled by it!!
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Uncle Wally
Sure there are no certainties in the AFL, but that's sport.  You could say the same about any league and any code.  Having said that, I've given up trying to work out the form of any of the AFL clubs this season.  Trying to tip for next weekend?  Close your eyes and throw a dart and see what comes up.
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