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We Bleed Purple
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Purple Heart
I see that the prime Hack in WA (you know who I mean) has decided to report that the decision has already been made and that it is Fyfe who got the gig.

It never ends with them.

We will know soon enough once the decision has been made.
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This article are you talking about?

I think Hagdorn is just doing the numbers 

I think Lyon would like Fyfe as captain and also the club. 

As far as Fyfe organising the Rotto event with Weller in order to gain votes. Dunno. You never know if Hagdorn really does have the ear of Freo players or he just looks at social media and creates a link. 

In this case a photo on insta with Fyfe, Weller, HillB, Tucker and no sure who else was there.  

I'd put my money on Hagdorn seeing the photo and a way he can use it in his "story" 

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"A recent weekend bonding session to Perth's holiday resort at Rottnest for a batch of Dockers midfield candidates and rising stars is believed to have been initiated and encouraged by Fyfe.

The day time boat trip and social get-together has been widely considered as a significant gesture from the budding new skipper in expressing his leadership potential and consideration as captaincy material."


“I’ve been doing that for probably the last three years I’d say,” Pearce said.

“But I’ve probably noticed this year I’m deliberately trying to be vocal and get around the boys a lot more, with a few of the senior players leaving over the last few years.”

“I’ve been in the system for thirteen years now, I've had a little time to think about trying to be more outgoing and more vocal. Still being myself, but trying to assume a bit more of a vocal role.”

Even off the field, Pearce has shown he makes team unity a priority, taking the midfield group on a boat trip to Rottnest in mid-January.

“I’ve made a few good friends in Perth, and they’ve got a boat which they were kind of us to let us use (the boat),” Pearce said.

So I thought it would be great to get the midfield group as a whole to spend a day together, get out on the boat and have a good feed. Just really separate footy life from just spending time together, and really bond as a group.”

“We had a great day out and I think the boys really enjoyed it.”

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