Purple Heart
Watching the game today it started to feel like I was watching the Dockers of old at times.  But just when you think it was going to turn into yet another blood bath we started to get some momentum and some reasonable movement of the ball.  

There’s no doubt we are missing our more experienced defenders in Hamling, Pearce and Wilson, but Logue and Ryan put up a pretty good fight IMO.  Fyfe and Walters started a bit slow but turned things around in the second quarter.  A couple of nice goals from Fyfe and Walters.  I really hope Hogan, McCarthy and Sturt are able to play next week.  Couldn’t believe Margetts’ decision about Taberner’s mark.  He was in fine form as usual.  Also that putrid decision to award a free kick to Cameron after he staged for a free was diabolical.  It was typical of the way the whole game went unfortunately.  

It’s obvious that we have got to start games better.  It is taking us way too long to switch on.  Sean Darcy will more than likely be out for several weeks with his knee injury, which means that Lobb will once again be our lead ruckman.  I only wish to god we could clone Lobb.  I really thought we could win in the last few minutes and it was disappointing that we didn’t. 

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tip tops
I thought in general the umpiring was ok I’m sure PH the commentators said that Margetts had paid the mark to Taberner but was overturned by the goal umpire.
same old same old in the players need to be smarter in their decision making and the for the love of god man up when you haven’t got possession or is this still the preferred method of zoning!
I thought the whole team were galant in defeat with most players going MIA then seeming to be getting plenty of the ball next minute very strange,can’t be to critical with the weird season so far but hopefully with more consistency will come some wins.
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Where competitive. That's the big highlight. Had the games gone the proper distance......we win both of them, but they didn't so we lose both of them. No excuses really. As said above, we are just to slow out of the blocks. Skill level still terrible but it will improve with time.....or at least I hope. I thought Aish had a really good game, and he seemed to fit in well, so another positive. The way I see this year is no expectations, no let downs. Whatever we achieve this year, we will be a lot better next year.
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Docker Fay
Yes Frosty Aish did have a good game , a shame about Tabs mark inside the lines but thats how it goes.
Felt for Munday ,and was hoping to see a couple of the new ones get a showing but they may get a start next game.
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Disappointed but not disgruntled.
A slow start... again . In the first quarter we had more chance of laying concrete, or an egg, than laying a tackle.
Tucker started like a house on fire, but what he produced in the first, he needs to keep up.Ten possessions, them seven for the rest of the game.
Hughes, strangely got towelled up by Cameron in the first quarter and a half before Logue moved onto him.But is not he first one to be turned inside out Cameron.Logue did a very good job when moved onto Cameron.
Fyfe looked out of sorts early, but got himself into the game in the second quarter.
We got ourselves back in the game after 1/4 time, but at times we seemed lost when the Lions began to throw the ball around and switch.
We had our chances, but couldn't sustain the effort for long enough.
Walters , Aish Fyfe and Logue were standouts I thought. We needed more from Cerra and Brayshaw, both showed lots of promise, but didn't maintain pressure.
Young certainly didn't look out of place in the side.Both he and Sturt have shown they will be very good players.
Darcy goes down again.Sadly. I would hope that we will see Meek gets his chance to show what he has.
I thought that Margetts was just up to his normal standard when he umpires our games.He told the goal umpire, he didn't pay the mark.How he could not pay it was a miracle.There are only two field umpires who would not have paid that as a mark.The goal umpire told him it was a mark, but, Margetts didn't pay it. 
A couple went against us late I thought.Lobb was held down when trying to mark. Schultz was pushed in the back during a marking contest.
And the Charlie Cameron one was a shocker.Cameron was looking at the Fremantle player to run into him.The kick should have gone the other way.
If Sturt comes up this week, he will play in place of Matera.Meek in for Darcy.I think Hogan comes in after reading of his effort int the scratchie.But who he replaces I don't know.
Mundy looked very rusty all day and I struggled to find him for most of the game.But we need to give him some slack as it has been a long time since he has played.
Aish certainly did enough to show he will be handy.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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