Purple people eater
Rumours are that McGovern is seriously considering Freo's offer, even after the Crows rumoured to have lifted the ante to 550,000 per season
McGovern also ruled out dealing with WCE preferring to keeping it a two horse race
My only concern is if we get him he will be targeted as our number one forward and will be given the best opponent
He can take a strong mark, even under pressure, but to maintain that each week remains to be seen, at the moment he's the third tall fior Adelaide and doesn't have as much pressure placed on him
McGovern's is 191cm and turns 23 in Oct

Fingers crossed,hopefully there is some truth in the rumour

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He signed with Crows. 

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Purple Heart
I'm not terribly disappointed with the news. If the rumours were to be believed we were going to have to pay far more than he's worth anyway.

Mitch has done very well out of our interest in him and used it as leverage to get more money from Adelaide.

That's the way the game is played these days, so good luck to him.
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