Good call from the club with the inclusion of Logue. Freo supporters *not on this site* can stop whingeing about how Ross won't play young players. 

Full squad

1. Hayden Ballantyne
2. Griffin Logue
3. Zac Dawson
4. Sean Darcy
5. Garrick Ibbotson
6. Danyle Pearce
7. Nat Fyfe
9. Bradley Hill
10. Michael Walters
11. Tommy Sheridan
12. Jon Griffin
14. Lachie Weller
16. David Mundy
17. Hayden Crozier
18. Darcy Tucker
19. Connor Blakely
21. Joel Hamling
22. Shane Kersten
23. Cam McCarthy
26. Ed Langdon
27. Lachie Neale
31. Aaron Sandilands
32. Stephen Hill
33. Cam Sutcliffe
34. Lee Spurr
36. Brennan Cox
37. Michael Johnson

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Purple Heart
We have had mixed messages about Logue. On the one hand he has trained very well in the pre-season and certainly looks job ready, but if we listen to Ross, Griffin is still not ready to play at the top level.

It will be very interesting to see how he goes on Friday night.
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That's if he doesn't get the chop in the final cut but still better to be named than not. 

I think they tend to be a little reserved with players who supporters have high hopes of. We tend to just take a players form into consideration but forget their mental capacity and the additional pressures that can place on young players. That could be a factor. 

No Suban or Tabs in that side.  

Good to see Kersten named, his ribs must be good enough that they think he could be up for it, or just waiting to see. 

Could be why they have Cox in there?

Griff, Sandi, Cox, Darcy ??

Silvagni in or Carlton...That should be interesting 
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Purple Heart
Both Silvagni and Palmer will be playing for Carlton Goby. I've always liked Silvagni. When he wasn't injured, he was a pretty good defender, so we can expect to see a good performance from him against our forwards. Rhys is probably rejuvenated at his new club, so I don't think we should underestimate him either.

I would really hate to see Griffin dropped from that list. I hope it's not just a motivational thing naming him in the squad. Ross has previously said that Griffin's rowing days had caused a few problems with respect to his football. Not sure what he was meaning with that, but he appears to have done an about face in less than two weeks. So whatever the problem was, it seems it no longer exists.

If he plays as hard as he trains, we won't be disappointed.
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Docker Fay
I really felt for logue when he dropped his first touch, you can only imagine the nerves with your first run.   He made up for it with his long bomb, made a bit of a clanger, but he seemed to slot in ok.
Hope he doesn't have to wait too long before his next game.
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