adam kiwi
I believe Lachie Neale and the tribunal should have too. It's basically calling Lachie Neale a liar, and I for one find that insulting. 

Worst decision in AFL tribunal history - a vendetta against this player is low and down right horseshit. 

Sorry for my bad language - but this made me really really mad. 

To paraphrase the great Tana Umaga "It's not Tiddlywinks"
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Adam, I fully agree. The Dogs at Channel7 have scoured the incident and said it is damming against Greene. I have watched and looked but fail to see anything it .
Channel 7 all over Australia are dogs.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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tip tops
Greene shouldn’t of been playing in that game to start with,what he was doing to Bontempelli was a disgrace and the tribunal knew it so the idiot does something similar,that’s all the tribunal needed to rub him out.
Toby’s a fantastic player but needs to stop doing dumb shit..
This is a classic case of the powers to be will get you if you don’t conform.
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Purple Heart
Absolutely agree TT.

I think this was the punishment which he wasn’t given for the prior offence against Bontempelli so the AFL have now called in the chips.

Let’s face it, Greene is a very talented footy player, but he’s also a little grub who still hasn’t connected the dots where putting in the dirt is concerned. All he needs to do is play the game, and keep the dirty stuff out of his game and there won’t be a problem.

I seriously doubt he will be playing this weekend as I’ve just heard that only two out of sixteen appeals have ever been won.

Unfortunately for GWS, they’re the ones who will suffer, especially now that Whitfield is also out with appendicitis.
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