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Replay of the match


The below jumper numbers are for Saturday's pre-season clash only and not indicative of their numbers for the AFLW regular season.

1. Ashley Sharp
2. Ebony Antonio
3. Brianna Green
4. Demi Okley
5. Cassie Davidson
6. Tiah Haynes
7. Dana Hooker
8. Belinda Smith
10. Beatrice Devlyn
11. Tarnica Gosilano
12. Lara Filocamo
13. Gabby O'Sullivan
14. Akec Makur Chuot
15. Kara Donnellan
16. Gemma Houghton
17. Tayla Bresland
18. Taryn Priestly
19. Hayley Miller
20. Stephanie Cain
22. Taylah Angel
24. Stacey Barr


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This should be interesting, the first hit out the girls get. I want to get a take on the skills. I imagine skills will be a bit raw at this stage of their development and the overall development of the game but lets see where we are starting from...

Very exciting for them also to have it streamed, although it would be good if it was on Fox as well.

I hope they do well. 

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Good first half from Freo. Aleck in the ruck is doing well. Antonio took a brilliant mark. Houghton is up and about and I think it is Davidson in defence is doing well also. 

Freo need to control the ball a bit better and players need to provide some shorter options. 

All in all a watchable game so far. I think the second half is going to be a bit tough for them. 

Get some years into the women and training and I reckon they will be producing some good footy. 
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Purple Heart
Watching the game on the big screen on my smart TV and the game is looking pretty good so far.

Very impressed with Ashley Sharp's game. Chuot is winning a lot of the taps in the centre with her enormous leap. The team seem to be moving the ball fairly quickly, and kicking accuracy is up, which is good.

The weather conditions in Darwin can't be good to play in. Even though it's later in the day than Perth time and maybe not as hot, the humidity is always shocking in Darwin.
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We Bleed Purple
Full-time scores: Fremantle 8.10 (58) def Adelaide 4.12 (36)

Freo Best: Houghton, Davidson, Sharp, Haynes, O’Sullivan

Freo Goals: Sharp (3), Filocamo (2), Devlyn, Houghton, Cain

Match Report

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Obviously some of the women are not athletes as such but have played a bit of suburban footy. Down the track the standards will lift and competition for positions will be tougher, leading to better skills. That sounds highly critical but that is where we need the women's league to head. Having said that, I was really proud of our girls and I loved watching it. 

I would probably get them working on their ground skills as the #1 skill. If they could get that right they would get a lot of ball. Because across the two teams, their ground ball use was not great. If they can get that right then they will be ahead of the game. 

Their kicking is ok, obviously could be better, along with marking but overall not too bad. Their intent to get into structures was clear but not executed well sometimes, that will come with time. I would start drilling tackles because it doesn't look like some of them have grown up learning how to tackle correctly and that will just lead to injury. 

I'm pretty happy about it. Got my womens inaugural certificate in the mail the other day, so I'm doing my bit. 

The Houghton woman apparently has only played one game of footy, she comes from a basketball background. I thought he effort was excellent and she had some silky moments. She will be great when she gets some games under her belt. 

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adam kiwi
I don't think you being critical at all Goby, and I don't think you should feel you are. It's footy a bit of criticism for improvement is necessary. 

I though playing 20 min quarters was a bit rough in that heat.  

I like the structures Freo are trying, and I love the base skill set. Fully agree Goby the demand for more athleticism in the near future will produce better player base and competition. Some of these women looked dead on their feet, at times.

Like Goby I love the commitment to tackles, but burr some were frightening.

Really thought the Captain had a good game. 

Have to say felt for the mob from Adelaide only being together twice as a group before this match.

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it is obvious they are a long way off the men , but that is to be expected ,They are that far off i don't think either of those sides would beat a fairly low grade amateur mens side
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No, you’re right they probably wouldn’t.

Women’s football is so far behind it’s not funny. There has previously been little work being done to encourage women to play football and the talent development has been virtually non existent.

You may as well say they are starting from a baseline of zero. Some of them haven’t even played footy before.

But it’s a start and when they do get promoted and more young women play the game as they grow up, the skills will be better. I think a good improvement in 5 years with possibly a decent high level in 10.

The women’s rugby players were pretty good so the transition of women into a traditional male sport can be done and be entertaining.  It will just take time.


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We Bleed Purple
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Purple Heart
Thanks for the clip Moderator. I think the game was a very good effort given that it was the first time that the ladies have all played together as a team.

It may not take them very long at all to develop some very good team chemistry.

I'm sure they will get the crowds at the games and the AFL will be laughing all the way to the bank, particularly as the players are being paid pittance for their effort.

That situation will need to change next season.
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We Bleed Purple
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tip tops
It's great to see the girls having a crack,looks like they are really enjoying the AFL environment.
Could one of you more learnered posters check out the guy in the bottom right hand ( sharp ) interview,is that winston Abraham ?
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Docker Fay
I would say no Tip Tops, I think he would look older than that guy.
Although i could be wrong.[biggrin]
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I think you need to look at the payment in context of where the league is at. 

They are playing only 7 rounds. Some of the players have come from non football backgrounds. I think payments are fine for the moment. 

The women have been assisted in acquiring jobs with clubs or club sponsors. I think the women understand it is a fledgling league and the level of professionalism isn't there at the moment to warrant more funds spent on wages


They get assistance with kit, insurance, allowances etc 

It's not about gender. Down the track if they are pulling in crowds and sponsors and getting paid rubbish, then I'll be the first one to be vocal about it. 

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