We Bleed Purple
FREMANTLE                2.1       2.3       2.4       3.5       (23)

ADELAIDE                   0.0       1.3       4.7       6.10     (46)

Fremantle: Sharp, Lavell, Bentley
Adelaide: McCormick 2, Phillips, Sedunary, Holmes, Perkins

Fremantle: Donnellan, Hooker, Antonio, Lavell
Adelaide: Randall, Phillips, Perkins, Holmes, Marinoff, McCormick

Fremantle: Nil

Reports: Stephanie Cain (Frem) for forceful high contact on Angela Foley (Adel).

Umpires: Power, Paton, Dugan

Crowd: 4578 at Fremantle Oval


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Purple Heart

That result just sums up our weekend.

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Yep! yep..yep..

The most life in the game was the first quarter and when they sent Kirby up forward for the last quarter. 

I can't say I am across every women in the league but it kind of seems to me Freo selected women from WAFL and thought the experience would see them through. Other teams picked community players and athletes from other codes. Freo was said to select a team for their run but really 24/7 athletes from other codes have it over them. Get the ball run, handball, try not to kick, get it to one of the experienced players and that's all folks. 

Freo didn't get a marque for the forward line. We don't have a Vescio, Talya Harris, Sabrina or Tex. Sharp is really good forward but I see her as more of a half forward. We need a snappy small forward and/or a true full forward. Preferably both but in the women's game that might be some years ahead. 

I think Hayley Miller is a keeper. Donnellan is good in the midfield but she needs to be able to expand her game to kick a goal every now and again. With a better team around her she would be more effective. Sharp can be quite good. Bentley is a great unpredictable player but she is getting on a bit (with two knee recos) and she needs to have a limited roll to be able to shine. Others fade in and out of the game. 

It is pretty clear that other teams have more of a command of skills. 

For people who have been following the women's game. This has been a bit of a crushing experience. Freo on paper and from all reports were one of the top two. To have come this far for a draw has been disappointing. It would have been a bit of a lift if after the 2016 men's season the women could have smashed it in their competition. Would have been nice to win something. 

Having said that I have really enjoyed the women's game. The effort they put in has been first rate. They don't pull out of contests and they show guts and determination.

The community feel they bring to the game is really refreshing. I like the raw footy and I quite like not focusing on every mistake or flaw in the game plan. 

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OH and one of the Crows goals wasn't a goal. The ball spilled over the goal line back out then on to the boot of a Crows player. 
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As you know Goby i was all for the Women's league , The standard is far worse than i thought it would be , I would much rather watch a high school comp game because the standard is higher , And the entry fee is the same (free) at the moment the standard is so low that , gate fees seem a long way off , It is not worth watching i.e. a time thief , i can not watch it , sorry as you know i was one of the positive ones , but life is too short to watch crap football !!
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We Bleed Purple
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Yeah I have to agree it is hard to deny the skills are pretty bad. I knew it wasn't going to great but I didn't think it would quite like this. I have seen some WAFL women's under 18s teams that were displaying better skills than I have seen from some of the girls in the league. The game seems to be played faster than you see out in the community. I wonder if they have been told to create a fast game so it would be "entertaining" and they aren't up to it. 

There are some good players across the league but just not enough of them to go around. I dont know if you have watched all the games. Obviously not by what you have said but there are women displaying some really good skills. 

Possibly the AFL should have stuck with their first plan and got the teams up to speed by 2020. I dunno I am conflicted if that should have been the case or not. Possibly holding it back might have stopped the women coming up the ranks from choosing AFL. 

To get women into the game I do think the AFL needed to take control. They have the power and the money. I think it is a good idea to link them with clubs. There's a market with a gap and to hold out women is just backwards. It needed to happen. 

BUT after running a critical eye over the game I still think there is elements of the game that I really like. I like that they give it everything they got. I like the community feel of it and the good will of the people who go to watch and support them. As I women I feel I should support them and they are part of the Freo club. 

Looks like a four year build for both teams at Freo. 

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Hi Goby i probably should not have been as strong with my wording as i was ,In answer to your question i have not watched an awful lot , But  one observation is that games where one side is on top seem to be the only time i have seen some skilful play, When it is close it just looks like a low skilled scrap , One quarter did it for me in a whole quarter there were only about 4 kicks which hit a target and that was from both sides , All the rest were turnovers or kicks to 50 50 contests ,there were actually more kicks directly to the opposition than to team mates, Anybody watching ozzy rules for the first time would have been very confused assuming the object was to get it to the opposite colours , After that i have not watched at all since switching over that day .My brother in law pointed out to me that they tackle just  as much if  not more than the men , I explained to him the reason for that is most have no evasive skills and just run straight into the tackler , Anyway i tried to watch it , I still support the ladies playing. But i am not going to waste too much of my valuable leisure time watching it 
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Gtar I didn't think you were unduly hard with your comments. That's how you feel and I admit watching some of the games is difficult with the skill level being so low. There will be a whole bunch of people who probably won't continue to watch the games because of that reason. That's a fact and it will be a challenge for the AFL. 

I've watched every game so I have a bit of an idea where teams are at.  Unfortunately the Freo women have the least skills across the board. How or why Freo didn't pick Sabrina frederick-traub as a marque player I dont know. No disrespect to the other Marques. She can ruck, she plays forward and she moves up the wing and can take contested marks. Tayla Harris from the Lions is a prototype for forwards moving forward in the league. 

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