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A good win, Frosty, a ten goal win.Not sure what you want from the boys.
We fielded a side with something like seven first year players.All have had only half a preseason at the club.but I am sure you understand that.
They were cooked come half time.Lyon make a remark in his post match presser to that extent.Michael Apeness said the same.He is another who is coming off a limited preparation.
Excuses!! more like reasons, I think you and a lot of others are marking the young ones very harshly.
I know you can't do that against better sides, but we won and we won easily.
Not sure why after a good win we find it hard to give high praise to the boys.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
A good win after a sensational first half of footy. I think that given the pace of the first two quarters we could have predicted that the youngsters would start to tire in the second half, particularly with it also being an away game. It happens.

I was impressed with young Giro (yet again) and his ability to run the distance that he did. This kid does not shy away from a contest and is really solidifying his spot in the side. It was also possibly the best game we’ve had this season from Lachie Neale. Three goals and a few goal assists if my memory is correct.

I’m also really starting to warm to the idea of playing Kersten in the back line. He looked damn good down there and is clearly gaining confidence as a defender. Who could have predicted that?

Apeness is another player gaining in confidence. Of his four marks, three were contested.

Langdon’s speed is a thing of beauty and we can only imagine the impact when we have him running on one side of the field and Brad Hill running on the other. This is definitely a break out year for Ed.

I’m always impressed when we have multiple goal kickers in a game. I think it was ten this time round. That kind of spread has got to be a good thing for the team. Our kicking efficiency seems to have gone up a notch. I have to give a special mention about Brandon Matera’s goal, which was an absolute ripper. I think he has really benefited from having a stint (albeit brief) in the WAFL.

I think the lads are well and truly ready for a week off after which we will definitely have Walters back and maybe even Brad and/or Alex. Who knows?
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Quite wrong Anchors, I'm marking the older players. The youth where great, but where were the experienced players in the second half. They should have led by example and ingrained the youth on how to catch your kill and eat it. I have no issue with the kids. The senior players failed to finish off, failed to teach the youth that you play for 4 qtrs. We have the bye next week, we should have been in 4th gear for 4 qtrs. Players cooked!!!!! Thats why we train in summer.
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Interesting fact Roos spoke about on "Ön the Couch" was that in U18 leagues and the Tac, players are running 10km and in AFL they are expected to run 16km so they are not able to cover the ground and play out 4 quarters. Not that we didn't know that, but the km fact perhaps people weren't aware of. 

I was disappointed with the effort Carlton put in to train our youth.  Their commitment to developing our players was lack lustre.  Freo went all that way at least Carlton could have done is move the witches hats around a bit. 

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