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We Bleed Purple
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It wasn't too bad.  

The umpires cost us and a couple of brain fades.  

At least Tabs got a goal, Hogan, McCarthy and Mattera didn't fire a shot. 

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A disappointing result.But it was not through not trying.
If we had a lot of mistakes and errors, then so did the Crows.
One incident changed the momentum of the game in the third quarter.Some say umpires don't win games for sides, but a badly missed free kick can lose a game for a side.Momentum had not made a move for almost three quarters, then a badly missed decision cost one side a goal that made the difference two goals.
I am not saying the Fremantle would have won the game, but it sure took the pressure off Adelaide as they then had a slight break.
Also very sad to hear that Lyon has been blamed on social media on the standard of the game.There were two coaches there.There were two teams there.Both wanted to win the game almost at any cost.To blame Lyon is totally unrealistic.But then the haters will hate forever I guess.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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