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Great article in paper about Ed Langdon who says that he is very happy being at Fremantle Football club. Although Weller (one of the three Amigos) has now left the club, Ed has settled in very well at Freo and is content to stay put.

Ed is very keen to learn all he can from his mentor Brad Hill, and says that he is amazed at the extent of Brad's footy skills.

Other players have said the same thing about Brad who is having a great motivational effect on them. What a great day it was when he came to the Dockers. Not only do we get his skills as a player, but we get his expertise for mentoring and helping the development of our youngsters.

We might even argue that Brad's presence at our club is helping us to keep our Eastern States youngsters at Fremantle.
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I like Ed i hope he signs on again , Heaps of upside with this lad
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