Goby what do you have on Sam Hayes, the kid that the Dockers seem to have their eyes on as our number one draft selection.All I can find out is that he is 203.A ruckman/forward, or vice versa.

A good player in the under 17s then the under 18s from all accounts.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
We may well be giving up our first draft pick in a deal which involves snaring a very big fish!!!!
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Probably not much more than you do. 

He was one of the talls on my list and there's not many options.  That side of the country rate him and say he could slot into an AFL side easily. I don't really see that AFL ready made player that others have but I am not watching the games week in and out over east. 

No doubt the kid is massive and of course if get gets slotted forward his height is an advantage over other kids at that level. So while the stats might say he booted three or four goals in a game, how will that instantly translate in AFL? 

Again it depends on what pick we would need to give up.  Media says Freo are interested but you never know if that is just the media speculating based on what Freo need or they do have firm information, or Freo have just spoken to the kid which no doubt they would do with every tall ruck/forward option.  

It's had to get a good idea about these tall guys. Their coordination can either catch up to their growth or like Moller their skills are suited to games like Basketball. Short space to work in, their height and leap is there main game. They don't need to work in a massive space, think quickly, move quickly, or kick a ball accurately with giant sized feet. 

I don't know about this draft.  Every year coming into a draft the experts say "next year" is a deep draft. When it gets to next year the year after is going to be a 'deep draft" 

Go figure! 

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Sam would be a fair way down my order another bean pole like English , And showed up for a lack of stamina at the combine 
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