Purple Heart
What I wouldn’t give to see our team beat the Hawks Monday night.  I don’t know about anyone else but I think we’re in there with a definite chance.

Given that the weather is going to be about as putrid as it can be, we’re not going to be seeing a high level of skill or quick movement of the ball from either side.  I think we can bank on it being a scrappy and pretty ugly game all round.

What we have going in our favour though is that the youngsters have had a boost in confidence from last week’s win and they respond well to the home crowd.  That’s assuming of course that there will be a few Freo fans who will brave the weather.  

In spite of the rumour that Henry may debut, I don’t think he will.  I’d rather he be held over till the following week where we’ll at least be able to see him.  I think Fredericks and Matera will be two of the outs.  May even be Bradshaw as well as he’s under an injury cloud.
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A really good win against a fairly experienced Hawks outfit. Backline was solid and the big contingent of young players was great to see as was the superb pressure throughout the game.considering Freo hadn't beaten the Hawks for quite some time it made the win even more special. I haven't been a big fan of Cox or Hughes but both put in strong games. Also good to see Wilson return to some form, same goes for Mundy he was back to his best👍.
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A very good team effort, with special mention to Brayshaw, Cerra, and Serrong.Super efforts around the contests.All three have good skills, hands and vision in tight.
Darcy was very good.A tireless worker.Protects the smaller players well with his big body.
Cax has been a revelation down back.I was not a fan, but his performances since moving down back have been eye opening.
Couldn't talk about best players without mentioning Ryan.He has stood tall and guided the back line all season.What a find he has been.
Vandy, you are right about Wilson.Maybe over his injury totally and confident in his body again.
Taberner continues to improve every game and maybe the same applies to him as Wilson.
I think Longmuir has kept it simple for the season and is giving the players a fair bit of licence to take the game on.
Just a word on Fredericks.Not a knock, but I see it as him being a bit anxious to make his mark.He is over excited and botching a few things up..
He needs to slow down and let the game come to him.Not rush in and make mistakes.He is going to be true value when he becomes secure in his own game. I think he will play this week, but then be rested the next game due to the short break.
Then maybe we will see either Valente or Henry.Now that is exciting.Valente wasn't given number 29 for no reason.
Forgot to mention,Blakely. He has been on my hit list all season for his lack of fitness, but last night his game was good without being a star.He has worked hard to win his spot back and good luck to him.


29 = 353.

Improver one,Taylin Duman.

Improver two, Brett Bewley.
Smokey, Tobe Watson.

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Purple Heart
There was an electric atmosphere at Optus last night, and it had nothing to do with the weather.  How good was Andy Brayshaw?  So many highlights from the game, too many to mention but there were some real standout passages of play from every one of our youngsters.  It was great to see Wilson back in top form Vandy.  The backline is really working well, in spite of the height differential we keep seeing each week.  They are all punching above their weight, and we have JLo to thank for that.  He is turning the tide and getting the absolute best out of every one of our players.

Two wins in a row and can’t wait for next week. 
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PH & A Man, I would have liked to mention a few more who had very good games, Jeepers, that would have to be Cerra's best game yet, I wasn't to convinced about him, he and Brayshaw had crackers of a game. Other youngsters who had a good game, Serong, Bewley, Crowden whose tackling was sensational same for Schultz. Freo's manic pressure on the opposition was most pleasing and reminds me of some years back when we were known for putting pressure on the opposition. Yep Darcy had a solid game, hope he can remain injury free, same for Stephen Hill who got through the match unscathed. Fredricks is improving and showed some good signs with knocking the ball on when under pressure, I really hope he can develop into a scorching wingman. Luke Ryan is an out and out jet. Give Brennan Cox some sparring sessions in the ring, he'll be better for it, he did play well.
Walters back next game, you beauty, into the forward line for me. 
Imagine all these blokes rotating in the forward line. Tabs, Lobb, Mundy, Fyfe, Walters, Schultz, Crowden, occasionally Darcy, Bring it on. 
Not sure about Lobb doing the Kennedy shuffle when kicking on goal this season, I don't remember him doing it before.
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