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With a new look Docker's team and a new look Coaching group, will it also follow that we will have a new look Docker Captain in 2017?

I have nothing against Mundy and felt a bit sorry for him actually as Pav's successor last year. Pav was a hard act to follow for a start. At the same time, however, I have to admit I felt as flat as the Docker players looked in each game watching Mundy slowly walk up to the centre for the coin toss then slowly walk back to the player huddle. He wasn't exactly brimming with enthusiasm. No disrespect to David as it can't be easy trying to motivate teammates, particularly after so many consecutive losses and I'm sure he did the best he could. The Captain experience obviously wasn't too daunting for him as David has openly expressed a desire to continue on as Captain. However, in a year of significant change on and off the field at the Dockers, is it time for someone else to take over?

As a player who sets the highest standards for himself and would expect nothing less from his teammates, I think it is time for Fyfe to take the reins. I have always believed that it would be Fyfe who would lead us to our first Premiership. Even back in 2013 I still believed that would be the case, in spite of hoping that I was wrong, and that we would win our first GF in 2013.

We need Fyfe's influence on our youngsters. We need Fyfe's dedication and elite standards to rub off on them. We need Fyfe's single minded focus for constant improvement. We need the man who will lead by example. We need the man who spent hours and hours thinking up ways and strategies that we could adopt to be the best AFL team around and then sent them to Ross a few years back.

We need Fyfe to be Captain.

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PH your certainly not wrong with your choice of captain. Fyfe is the best player at our club, he is also a big part of the leadership group and an even bigger part of our future. It would be an almighty golden olive branch to hand fyfe the captancy this year, along with a pen and a new contract and ask for his signature, it paves the way early on for the whole playing group to know that the new leader on the field is going to be doing it for a while as fyfe has age on his side. There's no question of Fyfe's leadership and drive to succeed, along with his ability as a player. I do however pose these two questions, 1-Is it fair to David Mundy to relieve him of the captancy after 1 year? Whoever was to take over after Pav was never going to fill his shoes. Whilst Mundy is at the backend of his career, he is a one club player and highly respected, to take the captancy off him after one year may be sending mixed messages to those younger players who may aspire to be a leader, but could be scared of failure. Mundy had a very difficult year, but handled himself well in my opinion. 2-Whilst Fyfe should captain the team at some stage, wouldn't it be best to let him get some football under his belt first. If you were to give him the captancy, and he was to breakdown again, it creates a little unsettling. I don't think there is a wrong answer to Fyfe being the captain, it's just about when.
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Docker Fay
This situation needs a bit of thought, i see both sides of the coin here.
Firstly what PH said about Mundy with his body language is right, he looked as tho he  wished he could be  anywhere else, perhaps  he felt a little uncomfortable in his role.
Of course Fyfe would be ideal as captain, and of course everything that has been said in the above is spot on about him, but i have to wonder how the team would react to him.
It is a little like having a very strict school teacher that makes a lot of demands on you.
Gets that way you don't like going to school.
Middle of the road here i think. Fyfe  will always set himself that one step higher than the others but may have to lower the bar with the others to make it a happy hunting ground.
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I actually think Walters would be a great captain because he's a match winner plus he lifts the players around him and Fyfey is very injury prone
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evilbeanman wrote:
I actually think Walters would be a great captain because he's a match winner plus he lifts the players around him and Fyfey is very injury prone
I reckon Walters is fine as a team leader and would probably make a great captain but we need to be mindful that captaincy involves more than leading the players onto the ground, in fact that is the minor part.
Captains need to be articulate and have a reasonable media presence. I am not sure Walters has the media polish at this stage. He may not enjoy that anyway.

Mundy and Fyfe however are born to media work.

Personally, I think there are only two circumstances in which we should change a captain; The captain retires or he is traded to another club. Either way he is no longer at the club.
It is untenable for a new captain and a replaced captain to be in the same side unless under circumstances similar to Pav's.
I also believe Pav should have retained the captaincy right up until he retired. Dave Mundy should stay in the role til he retires or decides to relinquish it because of injury or other extenuating circumstances.
Obviously Nat Fyfe will be captain one day.
And as the cup goes up hear the shouting
Freooo, Freo.
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Docker Fay
Perhaps that would be the answer with Walters at the helm when Mundy retires, that way Fyfe  does what he does best with a clear head.
              Welcome EB Man.
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Safest option indeed Mcleody. Last thing we need is in house politics. Mundy got the gig last year, and if he's happy with it, then support him, if he's had a gut full and wants to pass it on, then nominate someone else. Whilst Mundy did look a little unenthusiastic at time last year, he didn't have a lot of help. Most senior players were nursing injuries along with himself at times. Fyfe will get the C, he just has to sign his new contract first.
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It's all about the leadership group's discussion, which really is not a great way to pick a captain. It should be the coaches call.

Mundy deserves to be captain for his service but I don't see his leadership on field and I don't think he resonates with a young team and the team has clearly moved into another era. 

Fyfe I think does have more of a possibility to connect with the young group but there are a few things he has done that makes me think he has let his ego take hold a bit. That is not unusual for someone of that age. Add on the environment he is in and the attention he receives and it is completely understandable. But I still think he hasn't worked through that stage of his life. Because of that there are some question marks around what he can bring. 

I have no doubt the club would love Fyfe to be the captain. He is marketable and obviously the best, most exciting player we have. I think Ross would love him to be captain because he has the drive that Ross would want to lead the team. 

Walters could have been the captain if he really wanted it but he hasn't grabbed the opportunity. 

So back to the vote. Lots of the old fellows who would have voted Mundy have left...

So lets go to the vote. On the vote I reckon Fyfe would win but will they slap Mundy in the face and vote against him, or will they let him serve another year? 

There's also the fact that Fyfe is unsigned...

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